Friday, April 16, 2010

3 Major Reasons For Maintaining Self Esteem

Every single existence in the world is identified by its value. Just imagine anything and its worth appears in your mind before you see or have it. Likewise, you as a human being are weighed in the scale of your self-esteem. Your self-esteem is in fact a kind of manifestation of the image you visualize in the mirror of your concept of self-understanding. Do you seriously care about how people take you? Does it really matter about what frame people tend to fit you in? If your answer is yes, you are on the right track. If you say "no", then you certainly have three basic reasons to realize the importance of self-esteem and you have got to do something to maintain it.

1st Reason - Do not Deny Your Own Worth

Denying your own worth means you disavow the value of others. You cannot buy something worth one hundred dollars against a piece of paper, which bears no value. Neither can you sell something of zero value against a hundred dollar bill.

A true realization of your own prestige and self-esteem gives you the right to receive respect and honour of the same value that you feel is yours. Similarly, a strong manifestation of self-esteem justifies your value to others for what they expect in return.

2nd Reason - Self-Esteem Boosts Self-Confidence

The energy radiating from the furnace of self-esteem is very powerful. It fuels your self-confidence that in turn drives you forward in the society and towards your destiny of a successful life.

Self-esteem boosts up your momentum on the track of achieving your goals. It tags you with a certain worth in the eyes of others and their behaviour depends on their understanding and realization of your self-esteem. The more you demonstrate it the higher your price is set in the bazaar social standing and personal relationships.

3rd Reason - You Are Bound to Acknowledge God's Blessings

Realization of self-esteem is a great blessing of The Greatest Creator. Denying it implies non-acceptance of further divine blessings in life, which no human being can afford. You cannot wage a war against God and escape without paying the price.

Denying self-esteem makes you unworthy of any value. It is just like negating your existence. Even the smallest particle of an atom has some value that makes it worth significance. Magnify your worth through your self-esteem.

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