Friday, April 16, 2010

4 Top Reasons of Failure to Avoid

Millions of people make plans to achieve certain targets everyday. How many achieve their goals is definitely unknown but it is normally observed that not all succeed in accomplishing tasks they set for themselves.

Let us find out the reasons of failure and avoid them in the future.

Top Reason 1 - Setting Hypothetical Goals

Many people are impressed by the achievements of others and unconsciously start taking their place through passive visualization. An inner voice keeps telling them that they can also rise to the occasion and gain wealth, fame or popularity like those achievers. There is nothing wrong in thinking like this. Inspiration is imperative to succeed in any field in life.

However, the real problem occurs when they choose other people's goals as their own without properly calculating the pros and cons. Their focus is on the target itself and not on the modus operandi to reach there destiny.

Point: Goals should always be set fairly with a realistic approach.

Top Reason 2 - Missing Essential Tools

Flying a plane without having RADAR is like rowing a boat without a pair of OARS. Conceiving a fantastic idea or setting a very high goal is one thing, having the qualification, skills and ability to convert that idea into reality or achieving the goal is another.

People who fail in achieving their targets also fall short of considering their resources prior to taking the initial step and go astray in the middle of the track.

Point: Check your toolbox before crafting your goals into reality.

Top Reason 3 - Lack of Obsession

Obsession is like boiling lava under the volcano of passions composed of ambition, enthusiasm, zeal and fervor. It is, in fact, the most powerful driving force behind all the successes and achievements. Unyielding will power and obsession are the weapons that could help you win battle against all odds. Lack of obsession is another top reason of failure.

Point: Your chances of failure increases manifold in absence of obsession.

Top Reason 4 - Wavering Belief in Self-Potential

Being unsure of self-potential can create doubts in your mind and ultimately weaken the foundation of your self-confidence. It is like losing one of your basic weapons in fighting against the negative forces. There is always an overwhelming pressure from negative forces, both internal and external alike.

Point: A strong belief in your potential abilities pushes you closer to success.

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