Friday, April 16, 2010

5 Differences Between a Dream and a Goal

Dreams and goals are generally considered the same in meanings. In reality, they are not. Promote the status of your dreams to goals. Here is the justifiable answer to why you should do that. There are five basic differences between a dream and a goal as follows:

1. A dream is never tagged with any time limit.

You can wait for the rest of your life to see a dream become reality. Dreams, in plain words, are a manifestation of your desires buried deep under the surface of wishful thinking. Every goal is time oriented.

There are time limits to achieve a goal whether individual or collective, financial or academic. Besides tackling other challenges you also have to overcome the nerve-shattering pressure of breaking certain barriers.

2. If you have a dream, you just relax in a comfort zone and wait to see your dream come true some day, by a stroke of luck.

A dream does not instigate much action thinking. Whereas you do not wait for that some day to achieve a goal. You devise a strategy, a plan as to how to accomplish the specific task within given time without waiting for the lady luck to knock at your door.

3. A dream makes you a passive thinker.

Dream itself is the product of inactive thinking. Your conscious mind has no active role in creating a dream. Your goal turns you into an action thinker. It makes you a triathlon athlete. It keeps you hanging on tenterhooks, restless, twitchy and edgy by kindling a constant fire insatiable hunger within you.

4. A dream is whipped with the cream of hypothetical hopes and expectations.

It is like a low-level stream of cool water silently running down the slopes of tranquility pacifying your emotions and enthusiasm. Whereas a goal fuels your passions, obsession and conviction. It has thundering and lightening effect on your thinking and actions. You do not sit idle until and unless the mountain of challenges and difficulties is not scaled.

5. More dreams emanate from a dream and thus expand the circle of inactivity.

Dreams lead you to a habit of fantasizing inertly. They make you a bit lethargic and procrastinator. Goals circulate in your blood like lava and forces you to explode into action like a volcano. They emit positive and violent energy keeping the level of your blood pressure a little higher than normal.

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