Monday, April 26, 2010

Always Radiate Positive Energy

I consider human mind one of the most amazing creations of The Creator because it has been gifted with an incredible ability of creating unique things from nothingness.

It is an undeniable stigma that almost all the Muslim intellectuals, social reformers, thinkers, educationalists, philosophers and religious scholars have lamentably and shamelessly ignored the evolution of human mind and intelligence during the last 500 years or, to be more time-specific, since the awakening of Europe.

Even the rulers of oil-rich Arab states criminally ignored their responsibility of establishing research institutions parrallel to the prestigious Western schools and universities. They spend billions of dollars, collectively, to maintain their own luxurious lifestyle, but none of them posseses the wisdom of U.S. President George W. Bush senior (though he is not a role model for me by any criteria or understanding).

"During the 1990s U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush declared a decade of research to center on neuroscience. The resulting Decade of the Brain was well publicized inter-US agency initiative that responded to the declaration. The two lead federal agencies in that initiative were theLibrary of Congress and the National Institute of Mental Health (part of the larger National Institutes of Health. Although the initiative did not receive the level of funding as the Human Genome Project, it did serve to catalyze significant advances in our understanding of the brain particularly in the context of brain diseases. The Decade of the Brain project was followed in 2001 by a Decade of Behavior Project that also attempted to bring together scientists, this time to understand how human behavior emerges. (Wikipedia)

And now another research project is on the drawing board. At the dawning of the Decade of the Mind (2010 - 2020), possibilities and consequences for a better life in the future will be explored by a transdisciplinary group of scientists and policy makers. The meeting will be focussed on three topics: Education, Social Policy, and Health. It will be held in the heart of the European Union (EU).

Thank Lord some people have undertaken Mind Science as a profession and, beside raking huge monetary benefits, imparting some knowledge on mind and polishing the mental abilities of their clients who could afford to pay their charges. They opted to learn Reiki, Yoga, Mind Science and offer their expertise to those who are interested. So far so good but my question is why can't we have many people like Dr. Muiz, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Deepak Chopra in the whole Muslim world? Why can't we establish a research institution with the help of Arabian sheikhs on Mind Science.

We must be, at least I'm, grateful to the Western scholars who have not put any restrictions on their research work or kept it secret like Muslim scholars did about 700 years ago which was one of the reasons for their fall.

I'm not a degree / holder on Mind Science, Reiki, Self-Improvement, Personality Development, Positive Thinking. However, it is my passion to share, whatever I've studied, learnt and applied to myself, with people particularly Pakistani young men and women.

I would be gratified if Pakistani college students understand the importance of bringing change in their pattern of thinking which will ultimately lead them to their destiny of success.

My message to all visitors and readers of this blog is to " Please, please, please make Positive Thinking an identity of your character and personality and radiate Positive Energy under all curcumstances and conditions.

Allah bless you with more health, peace of mind

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