Friday, April 16, 2010

The Art of Success - Learn from Ants

God has created and blessed every single person with some special qualities. It is a solemn binding on each and every person to dig deep into his/her inner self to discover the treasure of these qualities.

The mere difference between achievers and non-achievers is the urge to find out their potential talent, aptitude and abilities and to take full advantage of these tools to carve out a character, career and lifestyle.

Where do you prefer to see yourself - amongst non-achievers or failures? Your attitude about your own self is the basic criteria to judge your thinking pattern, characteristics, personality and ultimate destiny.

Tagging yourself with the label of a failure may get you stuck up in the cul-de-sac of negativity, pessimism, self pity, hopelessness and disastrous mental crash. You are not born to let yourself dragged, by the circumstances, to such ending.

I beseech you to please never ever fall victim to above state of mind. I have personally gone through the worst type of depression, hypertension and consecutive nervous breakdowns after losing everything in business due to my blind trust on a partner. Thus, I have better understanding of such feelings and am fully aware of their devastating effects.

Giving up is like raising a wall of hard rocks in your own way that leaves you with no option except banging your head with it. You have to keep reaffirming yourself that your life is not destined to break apart like that.

So, my friends, wake up from the lethargic slumber of self-pity, weary complacence and be your own mentor. Whether you have ever been a leader of even a small group or not, act like a leader and remember leaders do not disintegrate under any pressure.

Being a non-achiever does not imply, by any manner of means, that you can never succeed in life. Not achieving a goal is nothing more than a setback. Many great achievers and conquerors had had setbacks that did not prevent them from recollecting their energies and moving forward to achieve their definite targets sooner or later.

Redefine your goals, check your arsenal and see what is left of your armaments. Your weaponry comprises a strong belief in God, positive thinking, self confidence, determination to achieve success and an obsession to never surrender. Rearrange them, take a look at the battlefield, and review your mistakes and blunders. You might have ignored insignificant points that would have caused you heavy setbacks.

Should you still need inspiration, motivation and encouragement, go to a nearby garden. Crush a piece of sweet biscuit and spread it on the ground under a tree. You will see a tiny ant pulling and pushing a granule of the biscuit, may be more than twenty times its own size and weight, with utmost madness and obsession. Other ants may also join in the adventure a bit later, but the initiative is usually taken by a single ant that is determined to challenge its potential strength, courage, guts and grit.

Challenge your inner self, with a rock-hard conviction and fervor, like an ant and all the positive forces of the universe would be joining you and paving way for your success.

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