Friday, April 23, 2010

Attitude - Attitude - Attitude

Is it not quite common in every sphere of the world that our opinions and reactions constantly change about a thing, a person or a subject, with the passage of time, depending on our encounter with the same under different circumstances? And this is definitely one cogent reason for our changing attitude towards things, persons or subjects respectively. Even our own wavering states of mind play an obdurate role in developing misconceptions about things, persons and subjects.

We deem it normal to form an opinion about things, persons or subjects and keep assuring ourselves that we are on the right path of thinking.  Is it an indicator, then, that we all possess distorted minds that radiate nebulous thoughts? Perhaps not. Generally, nobody can nurture a single attitude towards anything, anybody or any subjects for the whole span of life.

If so, then why attitude has become a negative expression of feelings, emotions and thoughts? Why do we not take it as a part of normal behaviour of a person?  Even our own notion about other people’s ‘attitude’ is an attitude itself.  Then why we argue putting up so called cogent arguments to prove the authority and authenticity of our distorted thoughts? 

Will the sociologists, psychiatrists, educationists, intellectuals and writers take it as a cause to clarify such misunderstandings and misinterpretations and educate the masses about normal traits of human behaviour in our daily life? It would be a great service to humanity indeed!

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