Friday, April 16, 2010

Depression Or Hypertension? Get Rid of it Through Blogging!

It is said that the first ever web-log, now called blog, was created by some James Monro who was a traveler from Cambridge. He died when his trailer crashed in to a car but luckily, his blog was already posted on the internet. As of December 2007, a blog search engine was tracking more than 112,000,000 blogs. How many more have been added till to date is not confirmed.

The question 'why to blog' should be replaced now with 'why not to blog'. There could be innumerable reasons for blogging from fun blogging to money blogging. However, I would advise people fallen victim to hypertension and depression to learn and do blogging not for any of the above reasons but to change your state of mind from passive to active. I call it action thinking.

It is only you who can bring the train of your normal life back to tracks faster than anybody else could do it for you. Be the master of your own fate. Break the shackles of compulsions, self-pity and feeling deprived. You must not discontinue your medication and do not quit consulting with your doctor until or unless you are an obdurate positive thinker like me.

You may be facing the problem of where and how to spend time. I tell you what to do. Since I have also been through the darkest phase of hypertension and extreme level of depression, I know how difficult it is to avoid inner disintegration and retain one's sanity.

According to recent studies, antidepressant drugs offer little benefits to the patients of milder depression and if taken for longer periods, in case of severe depression, they cause some negative effects too. Psychotherapy has its role in curing depression but it also takes quite a time to achieve positive results.

This gap is to be filled with some constructive activity that could keep the patient engaged for longer hours and thus lengthen the duration of blank spaces between continuous occurrences of nerve-damaging negative thoughts. These spaces have to be filled up with the revival of positive thinking.

To achieve this revival earlier than other methods, go ahead and create a blog on a free blogging platform. Some offer easy-to-follow instructions. Should you still face any difficulty, please take a tour or watch their video or seek help from your family or friends. Even eleven year olds are successfully blogging these days. To a person with a little passive state of mind at the moment, I suggest without any bias to create a blog on blogger dot com for a particular reason that I shall tell you later in the article.

So, you have created a blog and chosen a unique identity of your own, you must think about your favourite subject. It is better if your URL indicates your subject of interest. It could be anything to keep you engaged for hours and hours on. All done, now write the first post. Not necessarily a lengthy one. Rather a short one, say about one to two hundred words, would be enough at this stage. Click the 'Publish post' and hit 'View blog'. Here is your blog for public view. You can make any changes in the format or template later. Here you have to click 'Next blog' at the top middle of your blog.

Their server has randomly selected someone else's blog almost with a similar subject of your blog. Just stay here for a few moments and see if there is anything of your interest. If yes, add it to your favorites or again click 'Next blog'. Keep doing so till you are exhausted. This is the pearl that I discovered out of my curiosity and it opened hundred new doors of wisdom, intellect, knowledge and discoveries to me.

You will be exploring a new world full of sorrow, sufferings, despair, diseases, challenges (some may be more painful and agonizing than yours), excitement, love, happiness, struggle, success and achievements. You will be surprised to see how people around the globe are fighting to win their inner battles and saving their personal integrity. There is no better way to know about people than by this clicking 'Next blog' exercise.

Keeping in view the number of active blogs, only sky is the limit to quench the thirst of your curiosity. It is up to your discretion to merely peruse very personal stories of other people or interact with them by sharing your own. You may not interact with all but you will certainly have feelings of a strong bonding between you and most of them.

I personally did it for weeks and months and now, back on my tracks without any medical treatment or psychiatric consultation, I have chosen blogging, article writing and internet marketing as my future career. The Almighty God has helped me get out of the cul-de-sac of depression, hypertension, desperation, pessimism, failure and feelings of any guilt.

Rest assured that you too or anyone else can also achieve this and force your hypertension or depression to seek solace somewhere else never to intrude your very private inner zone again.

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