Friday, April 16, 2010

Four Big Steps to Conquering Depression

Depression is not itself a disease. It is normally characterized by feelings of loneliness, despair, sadness, low self-esteem and self-reproach. It is also tagged with vegetative states like loss of appetite and insomnia (in certain cases increased appetite and sleep) and withdrawal from social contact. If unattended for a long time, it could also lead to aggravated suicidal tendency.

Regardless of the type of depression manifested by various symptoms, a person suffering from this painful phase of agonizing torture can conquer it in four big steps without resorting to medication. These steps are the extract of personal fierce battle with depression.

First Big Step - Self Diagnosis

Personal and social affairs, in these hard times, are becoming more and more difficult to manage and anybody can fall victim to depression for loss of love or a loved one or job and business. It is primarily caused by a combination of factors, such as the person's genes, his biochemical environment, his personal experience and psychological factors.

Whatever the cause is, a self-conscious person can easily notice the initial symptoms before falling victim to depression. Realizing the looming danger and being ready to repel it is like building a fortress and strengthening self-defense before enemy's attack. Such awareness acts as a strong shield to fend off depression.

Second Big Step - Strong Positive Attitude

Having positive attitude is a long process of deep thinking, developing an attitude against self-will and maintaining it against all odds. Positive thinking is a divine blessing in disguise demanding high price from its possessor. However, it pays back in the worst and critical times.

Positive attitude is raised on the foundation of self-esteem, determination, realistic approach and a strong belief in one's positive convictions. It is a fire, which has to be kept burning even in the hailstorm of negative emotions and nerve shattering atmosphere.

A little obduracy in positive attitude is a must to fight back depression. The negative forces are often very strong and can devastate any person's integrity and deprive him of his sanity until they are dealt with the equal retaliation of obdurate positive thinking. A positive thinker should have a strong belief in the powerful effects of positive energy. Positive thinking, if appropriately applied, can devour depressing emotions and suicidal tendency like a vampire.

Third Big Step - Learn and Do Blogging

Is it ridiculous? May be. But it has proved to be a very strong weapon in my personal arsenal to protect me from the killing effects of depression. It took me almost six months to discover an overwhelmingly engaging activity that kept my personal integrity and sanity intact. Yes, after losing everything in business and having been abandoned by most of the friends, I fell prey to disheartening solitude that started nurturing suicidal thoughts.

I joined a social networking platform to express my feelings. However, at the same time I did not want the world to know my weaknesses. So, nobody could gauge the fragility of my state of mind. I posted brief notes to let others know of inner volcanic eruptions and the soul damaging phase I was going through. Nobody bothered to understand the pangs of pain behind my words. And quite contrary to usual perception I took it as my victory.

Then I happened to visit a blog and I learned to create and operate one of my own. I created about ten without making any single one my sole identity. Heavy loans, joblessness, solitude, total failure and a deep feeling of guilt that I had lost everything because of my blind trust on a rascal was dragging me towards suicide.

I tried to keep myself engaged in photography, writing poetry, attending literary circles, spending hours and hours in the company of people who took me as a role model but could not contribute anything in saving me from the worst depressive feelings. Nothing worked really.

My condition was so severe that I came close to having a nervous breakdown three times and a heart attack four times during three months of time. Yet I did not consult a doctor because I had been claiming to be a positive thinker. I did not want to fail in proving the truth of my conviction and belief in positive thinking.

I kept blogging for about six months spending time in irregular updating and creating more blogs without a particular focus on any single one. But this practice kept me deeply engaged. I discovered many interesting blogs created by people suffering from serious diseases and still enjoying life.

So, I can proudly and authentically say that blogging also has its due share in saving my sanity and integrity. The outcome is quite gratifying. I am going to launch my own website very soon.

Fourth Big Step - Have a Strong Belief That God is On Your Side

It was perhaps the fruit of cultivating strong positive thinking that in the worst moments of depression and hypertension God kept a window of hope and light open to me. I got stuck up in the darkest cul-de-sac of circumstances. There was no apparent way out for me.

One thing that I am grateful to God for is the realization of His presence around me even when I felt my faith in Him weakened by the negative emotions, pessimistic thoughts and suicidal tendency.

A person expecting depression must not let the circumstances make any cracks in his faith and trust in God's presence around you. He wants us to dive deep in our inner selves and discover our true strengths and powers with which we can defeat any negative forces of the universe.

With these four Big Steps, any person can conquer not only depression or hyper-tension but also any serious disease, failure, loss and suicidal thoughts. Just keep standing firm to win the fierce inner battle even if you lose on all frontiers. These four Big Steps will not let drown in the quagmire of uncertainity and insanity.

Stand up, move forward to fulfill God's will and find the real you who is going to be a winner at the end of the day!

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