Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Change Your Life by Changing Angle of Vision

Guess what is the most influential factor that affects every single thing in the universe? No, no. It is not what you are thinking. Please pause here and ponder again.

The biggest factor which has a constant effect on everything is the phenomenon of CHANGE. You can bring an enormous change in your life by changing this process of change.

Yes my dear, CHANGE is occurring every moment of every minute of everyday. Everything in this universe, except the Creator, is moving forward on the path of CHANGE with every fractional bit of time. It is just that most of us do not perceive and realize it and those who do, affect this process of CHANGE using the might of their powerful thoughts and actions. They themselves become a compelling force to bring CHANGE in the lives of others.

Would you not like to be among those exceptional people? You may or may not be another Aristotle, Confucius, Socrates, Newton, Einstein, Edison, Muhammad Ali Jinnah or Bill Gates. But you can be purely YOU. The very first thing you need to bring CHANGE is to discover the true YOU who has unconsciously disappeared in the crowds of lost characters and fake cosmetic personalities.

Wake up now and find a way to escape from the detention of this FORCED EXISTENCE.

Steal a few moments of your time; find a peaceful place to sit down. Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths that will help you free your mind from wandering and disturbing thoughts. It is an interesting exercise to sow the invisible seeds of powerful positive thoughts in the fertile land of your mind which would ultimately grow into a huge and visible tree of a new personality and character of the real YOU.

Now imagine as if you are watching your present self from a distance. Let us call it P.S. for your convenience. Look at it thoroughly and analyze its personality traits and characteristics, its habits and activities, its achievements and failures till this moment. Be fair with yourself and ask this P.S. if it is satisfied with its present status as a free and an independent human being. There is a little chance that you get a reply in "yes".

This P.S. may not even look directly into your eyes because it feels unable to get rid of dependence on others, on circumstances, on fate. This P.S. is yearning for freedom but does not have the courage and will power to break the shackles of slavery to lethargy, procrastination and sluggishness. Would you like to let this slave enjoy the taste of freedom, achievement of goals and ultimate success?

Think again, it is an uphill task but not an impossible one. You just need to discover your own potential, abilities, talents and powers which are hidden somewhere deep in the real YOU. The Almighty Allah, God, Bhagwaan has created a universal mind to help you provided you seek this help sincerely and seriously. Have you not read the Koranic verse that says?

" Allah helps those who help themselves "

So, go ahead, all the divine forces are waiting for you to take a Big STEP that would lead you to your Destiny. This Big STEP, at the moment, is your willingness and an unwavering decision to prepare yourself for the CHANGE that may create a little discomfort initially but will ultimately take you closer to achieving your goals.

By the way have you set some goals to achieve? Short-Term Goals, Mid-Term Goals and Long-Term Goals? Write down your goals; devise a plan and go all out to achieve them. See yourself pitched in a battleground surrounded with forces that do not want to see you succeed. Create in your mind a do or die situation.

That is the way to change the process of change. Change always occurs following the pattern of one, two, three... nine and ten. There is always a sequence of happenings that ultimately bring change. You are to reverse this cycle. See yourself as victorious first instead of visualizing how you would fight to win the battle. It is a bit difficult to understand for some people but not an impossible endeavour.

To some it could be like wearing right shoe in left foot and vice versa. Try to experiment with this. It may make you a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but repeating it for a couple of times and remaining that way, rather moving around, would be surprisingly easy. This is what I call changing the process of change.

The more you control the process of change, the easier it would be for you to manipulate circumstances and opportunities at your own will. It simply requires a little tilt in your angle of vision and the whole scenario changes to an incredible extent.

Yes, changing the process of change needs to be initiated with a change in your angle of vision. Go ahead and enjoy the experiment, for you are not going to lose anything. Learning something new at no cost is not a bad bargain. 

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