Friday, April 16, 2010

How to Succeed - Take Three Big Steps to Your Destiny

Success is a process of applying certain actions to accomplish clearly defined goals. It is a journey marked with challenges, crossing milestones and constantly moving forward. Success itself is not a destiny. Achievement of goals open up new doors to new horizons to be explored and the process continues.

Even a genius cannot clearly define his final destiny in terms of setting and achieving goals. People who are blessed with a thinking mind keep creating new challenges to test their will power, determination, persistence, guts and courage. It runs in their veins like hot blood. They are born with the habit of deep thinking, striving hard to overcome challenges and achieving success.

Does it mean, then, that others cannot achieve success in life? Of course not. As I said success is a process, anybody who has a vision, clearly defined goals and determination can achieve success by inculcating certain actions and habits. Here are three primary and colossal steps towards achieving success in any field of life. These primary steps are reinforced with further additional small steps.

You do not have to be a genius to take these big steps towards achieving your goals. Before further reading the article, please do a little exercise that would definitely energize your heart and mind.

Just find a peaceful place, sit down in a relaxed posture, close your eyes, do some deep breathing, empty your mind of any disturbing thoughts, focus your whole self on a single point of inhaling positive energy through a divine stream and exhale all the negative energy. This is the beginning of your journey towards success. Making it a habit and routine at the start of every day will change the pattern of your thinking and behaviour to reap a huge crop of success.

Now peruse and understand the significance of these three big steps and plan your very personal journey towards your destiny.

1st Big Step - Goals (Pursuit - Journey)

The very first big step towards your destiny is defining your goals clearly. It is a common practice of most of the successful people to write down their goals. The waves of energy emitting from written words keep charging the batteries of your sub-conscious mind and remind you that you have some commitments, with yourself indeed, to fulfill.

By writing down your goals on a paper, you create four types of actions on the slate of your sub-conscious mind:

1. Your mind's general memory records your goals.

2. Your eyes transfer the images of words to create a reminder in a specific portion of your mind.

3. Your hands memorize the words i.e. your goals. 

4. By speaking the words that you write, you also convey a special message to your listening memory.

So, writing your goals is not simply an action of putting the words on a paper. It is, in fact, a process that ultimately reminds and helps you to stand up and move ahead in pursuit of your destiny. An experiment in Yale School of Law proved this truth decades ago.

Remember that every journey always starts with a goal (a destiny in mind). Otherwise it is nothing more than a purposeless wandering in the jungle of oblivion.

2nd Big Step - Motivation (Fire - Obsession)

The initiation of a journey is a positive sign that indicates your determination to achieve your goals but it does not guarantee that you would reach your destiny. You also need fuel and energy to help you continue moving ahead. This energy comes from motivation (or inspiration). Motivation acts like a fire to keep the engine running and further to keep the vehicle of your ambitious drive moving.

People obsessed with their ideas, targets and goals always seek and find motivation through different means e.g. reading biographies of successful people, watching and following them and deep thinking.

They analyze their actions without giving themselves any grace marks or overlooking their mistakes.

3rd Big Step - Action (Challenge - Determination)

Choosing goals and starting a pursuit cannot be marked with success until and unless the most powerful and dominant force of persistent actions is not applied in the process. Actions are encountered with new challenges and challenges could not be tackled without stubborn determination.

Determination is an expression of strength of mind, will power, fortitude, resilience, guts and grit of a person. Actions fully supported with determination are weapons of destruction. Yes, they devastate all the internal and external negative forces trying to hinder your journey towards destiny.

Achievement of goals is not possible without these three big steps which are also the pillars of the mega structure of your success in any field of life.

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