Friday, April 30, 2010

Power of Obduracy

Obduracy has various meanings as per my computer dictionary i.e. mulishness, stubbornness, inflexibility, obstinacy and pig-headedness etc.

None of the above words carries a positive sense of meaning.  However, there are certain situations that require you to be stubborn and obdurate for survival without which you can get stuck up in a cul-de-sac of uncertainty and complete disaster.

This is one aspect of the power of negative energy.  The moment we read or hear any of the above words, we feel being enwrapped with a gust of negative energy at least for a few moments.  Does it then imply that negative energy is only for destruction or devastation?  To me, it does not.

A strong positive thinker can divert negative energy into a positive force provided he understands the technique and possesses the ability of manipulating the demolishing force to his advantage by not yielding to the internal and external pressures.

What I did in the worst ever situation of my lifetime is that I acted as an obdurate positive thinker.  I was pitched in a battlefield wherein I had no hopes to get any reinforcement from any quarters including family, friends and acquaintances.  I was rather being treated as guilty through unspoken words, piercing stares and silent reprimand.

There was a dog’s chance of my survival with enormous quantity of negative energy in the ambiance around me both at home and outside.  I was being pushed, though unintentionally, to the brink of breaking apart physically, spiritually and intellectually. 

I did not feel comfortable among my own family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances. There always was something painfully itchy in the atmosphere.  And perhaps that bitter truth forced me into becoming an obdurate.  Yes, an obdurate but in positive sense. 

I talked to myself without speaking a word, for hours and hours on, arguing why I should not act as an obdurate in repelling the onslaught of negative attitude and behaviour by everyone out there.  I became inflexible in terms of not throwing my guard and kept punching at the face of my adversary, the most unfavourable situation in the prevailing scenario.

That situation had become a K2 for me which I could not imagine initially to climb without external help.  To my dismay and chagrin, no one was willing to play the role of a Sherpa for me.  Friends did sympathize with me whereas I needed renewed energy, guidance and direction to move on, not crutches of sympathy.

There were moments when I felt hard-pressed between internal and external pressures that ruthlessly left me breathless.  In fact, I virtually died many times a day and resurrected by sheer will power and obstinacy of positive thinking.  I was the weakest creature in the whole universe.  This will power and positive thinking was a great blessing of The Almighty for me. 

No human being can boast of possessing and attaining will power, determination, positive thinking or fighting spirit without God’s will.  These power tools or weapons are indeed the greatest blessings of The Greatest Creator Who does not want us to surrender to any pressures.  Such realization is also another blessing.

I consider myself fortunate that I realized the existence of all these power tools in my possession without a shadow of indication from any mentor.  However, I would like to acknowledge here that the blessing of positive thinking was transferred to me through certain channels like Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Remez Sesson and Brian Tracy.
I studied their articles and am grateful to them for providing tons of informative stuff on internet and all free of cost.

I wholeheartedly pray to God to protect you from diseases, losses, sadness, failures, broken relationships and mishaps.  Nevertheless, should you find yourself in a devastating and challenging situation, please pretend to be an obdurate positive thinker and do your level best to protect yourself from internal disintegration first.  That would be the beginning of your obdurate victory over the challenging situations.

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