Friday, April 16, 2010

Success Through 25 Simple Habits

Time never pauses to let us realize its pace and then it catches us at the age of 50, 60 or even 70 saying, "I feel I could not do what I wanted to, I could not achieve what I dreamed of." We repent our mistakes instead of not doing what could have changed our fate beyond imagination.
All actions that we fail to take in our late teen and post teen years laugh at us in later years because we could not perceive, at that time, how they can impact our lives in the coming years. Had we been able to recognize potential outcome of our supposed actions, we could change the tracks and directions of our future.

Remember, success is a process, a journey and not a destiny itself. Failures and achievements are just like milestones. Developing certain habits in early young age could help the youth cultivate a better future regardless of what practical field or profession they choose.

Here is a list of things, just occurred to my mind, that I would like today's youth, particularly the teenagers, to take into consideration for hammering their future, on the anvil of their actions, into satisfactory achievements and success.

1. Be a positive thinker under all circumstances 

2. Write down your goals whatever they are 

3. Learn blogging even if you dislike it and create a simple blog for personal musings 

4. Learn and practice creative visualization and meditation 

5. Regularly participate in a healthy activity of your interest 

6. Learn what is brainstorming and practice it to find solutions 

7. Never ever try to be an "A" type personality, rather be a "B" type personality 

8. Cultivate lasting friendships instead of flirting around 

9. Never humiliate a person for any reason at all 

10. Commit yourself to learn at least 5 new words of English and use them in your writing daily 

11. Start studying the subjects of your future profession at an early age 

12. Regardless of your sleeping time, force yourself into early rising 

13. Take care of your diet and food intake and watch your weight on a regular basis 

14. Never ever think about smoking or drinking 

15. Learn the technique of deep breathing and practice it regularly 

16. Drink a glass of water after every hour whether you feel thirsty or not 

17. Keep yourself informed of latest scientific and technology developments 

18. Practice action-thinking and monetary-thinking 

19. Spend less time watching television or surfing the internet just for killing time 

20. Learn to spend time rather than killing 

21. Learn to respond instead of reacting to situations especially volatile ones 

22. Never ever violate any rules and regulations and traffic rules in particular 

23. Make it a habit to pause for 5-10 seconds before responding or taking an action 

24. Learn how to say "NO" when saying "YES" could harm your relationship in any terms 

25. Respect other people's opinion and learn to communicate instead of arguing

The list could go on and on depending upon what are your preferences in life. You can add up what you deem appropriate for your own benefit. However, these are the things which are essential for every educated young man or woman to carve out an impressive personality and successful character.

You must agree that each of the above actions is like a building block definitely necessary for constructing the skyscraper of your bright future. You can download a lot of information on any subject from internet that is a fathomless ocean of information. Make your net-surfing subject-oriented. You can ignore as many of these practical tips as you like but there should be a cogent reason for that.

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