Tuesday, April 20, 2010

True Love - A Weapon of Mass Destruction

They never found a single weapon of mass destruction and they never would because it did not exist in the form of a gun, bomb or missile. The real weapon of mass destruction has been in existence since the creation of this world. Yes, true love is that weapon and it exists in abundance.

The word mass destruction should not distort your opinion about true love. First of all we have to determine just what true love is. Every intellectual, writer, sociologist and thinker has passionately and justifiably expressed his/her feelings, thoughts and understanding about true love.

In spite of all the popular definitions, there are still misconceptions about this pure emotion. Simply saying "I love you baby" or "I love you too honey" does not imply that two persons are glued to each other with true love. It is a common observation that people, looking for weekend partners also express their physical needs through these words.

Is true love a commodity, like anything else, to sell or buy on Amazon? No, it is not by any sense of any phrase. It is not simply a warm passion. It is, as Laala Gull says, "a continuous process of going through expressions, emotions, states of mind and behaviour, all focused on selfless caring and sharing everything inside out to make life a rejoicing experience".

It is solely the fire of true love that keeps you warm in the cold weather of sheer rigidity of the whole world, an obsession that always comes to rescue while you are stuck up in the stormy waters of depressive moments, a gust of cool breeze that refreshes your whole existence with the fragrance of the aura of your loved one.

So, how comes that true love is a weapon of mass destruction? In its absolute form it radiates the most effective and highly powerful waves of energy, encircling your sphere of existence, and repel devastating onslaught of all the negative forces. It acts like an invulnerable fortress to save you from internal disintegration or emotional collapse and prevents you from falling victim to external pressure.

It is a kind of madness, an insanity that obdurately resides within you forever after you first let it occupy your heart, mind and soul. It is never restricted to mere physical attraction, congeniality of thoughts and opinions, mutual understanding and similar likes or dislikes. It is an expression of spiritual chemistry, connecting two units of energy having the same types of molecules, atoms, neutrons, protons and photons.

It never pushes you to the point of repentance or regret. If it does, it is not true love. It is truly the hub of all of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, behaviour and character. It is your identification card in the crowd of hundreds of thousands of people around you.

And remember true love could not be confined to a relationship between a man and a woman only. The emotions and passion of true love may generate first from within the core of your spiritual self and seek to be expressed to someone later. It may also remain unexpressed for years and years on or even throughout life. To understand this reality requires deep thinking and meditation.

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