Saturday, May 15, 2010

Best Seeds for Best Crop

Life is a one time game and whatever approach you apply to fulfill your desires, achieve your goals and select the ways to move ahead, just remember one thing: always radiate positive energy to keep the ambiance warm with love, sincerity, courage, hopes, passions and positive growth.

You can play your due role to beautify this world by doing your best to derive pleasure and gratification through any means that you have in your access but without hurting others.  

What you are reaping today is the result of what others sowed in the past and what you sow today will be reaped by the future generations.  So, be concerned, watchful and careful in selecting the best seeds to sow today to grow into the best crop tomorrow.

Simply beautify the space that you occupy, your home, your office, your city or wherever you happen to go by planting siblings of caring and sharing attitude.  By doing so you would be leaving your footprints that may lead an individual or a crowd to the gardens of happiness, pleasure, joy, peace and gratification.

God bless you with the best of everything in life!

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