Friday, May 7, 2010

How to Succeed in Life

One Point Formula - Never Fly Your Plane on Autopilot

A lot has been and is being said and written on how to succeed in life. Every author has tried his/her best to present the best gist of his/her experience and figment of creative imagination on the subject of success in life.

Professional gurus have laid down golden rules, to which nothing more of fundamental nature could further be added except improved techniques and creative ideas, for the younger generations to follow and achieve their goals. Hundreds of thousands of people, around the globe, pay heed to their advice and find their way to success.

Nevertheless, my personal setbacks, failures, losses, drawbacks, shortfalls, retreats and weaknesses have taught me just one point formula for achieving any goals, targets and success in life and that is ‘never ever fly your plane on autopilot’.

Not flying your plane on autopilot emphatically means that you have to engage all of your devices, gadgets and tools in keeping the plane stable and correctly on the right path to your destiny.

Since you personally hold the control of your plane, it is essential that all of your instruments are in working order and handily in your access too.

Now the question is what devices, gadgets and tools you need to steer your plane on the path to success? These are:

A concrete belief that God wants you to succeed

A clearly defined destiny or goal

Your obsession that works as a fuel

Appropriate knowledge and skills

A strong conviction in the legitimacy of your cause

Positive thinking

Necessary external resources

Self confidence

Realizing the value of time




Unwavering enthusiasm

Unbending will power

Mental stability

Unperturbed focus of thoughts

Habit of hard working

No self-pity

The list is always extendable.

By leaving the plane of your life on autopilot you become a little weary, sluggish and lethargic and fall to slumber of defused enthusiasm in the comfort zone of complacency. All this adds up to changing your attitude from active to passive which is certainly a sign of ultimate disaster.

This is absolutely not what The Almighty God likes us to do. He has attached the whole universe with the wheel of change and change requires movement. Movement needs force and energy emanating from the human mind that is the most amazing creation of The Greatest Creator.

Taking solace in your comfort zone means causing the wheel of change to stop i.e. to restrict your mind to think creatively and thus allowing the plane of your life to deviate from its requisite path.

A little deep thinking will convince you that success in life is basically attached with realizing, understanding and applying the one point formula ‘never ever fly your plane on autopilot’.

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