Thursday, May 6, 2010

Learn First to Earn Online - A Humble Advice to My Friends

Of course, I am not the only one who has been through nerve-shattering and heart-breaking financial crises during the last more than two years. Besides hundreds of thousands around the globe, a couple of my friends also were victims of similar ordeal for one reason or the other. I deem it appropriate to keep their identities in mystery, but when they peruse this post they would naturally understand that each one of them was in my mind while writing this.

All these friends and many acquaintances have been urging me in the recent past to tell them ways of earning quick money online. In fact, they are not alone in thinking so. Worldwide economic crisis has forced millions to turn to online money making.

In Pakistan, there are certain people who are minting money by alluring the needy youth, in particular, into earning quick money. They succeed in inducing these money-hungry young men and women, and many middle-aged persons too, to join their networks charging from Rs.5,000 to 10,000 or even more in some cases.

I am saddened to say it with a heavy heart that all these people are victims of finding financial freedom through short-cuts. No way, my dear friends, no way.

I tried my level best to explain it to a friend last night when we got well-soaked in the rain (while my family was awaiting me to join them in our 28th wedding anniversary!) and am sanguine that he should have grasped my point.

My humble advice to all these friends, acquaintances and other visitors of this blog, is to please study the subject of earning online first before deciding to jump into this stormy river (or perhaps ocean, yeah?) that holds unimaginable treasures of wealth for them in its bottom. However, it demands some tools to discover that wealth like a true passion of working hard, honesty, responsibility, perseverance, patience, maximum knowledge, skill and smart thinking. The list could go on and on, but these are the basic tools required for success in making money online. All these gadgets are to be connected to the motherboard of a long-term planning!

There is tons of information, mostly available free of any cost, provided by the gurus. You must study the stuff as much as you can to understand the bitter realities and truths, tactics and strategies, rules and ethics of online money making.

You will find as young a guy as 11 year old to single moms to retired executives who have made their mark by sheer hard work and smart thinking. The only single factor clearly visible in the success stories of all these online money making idols is a desire, burning in the furnace of an obsession, to achieve their goals of doing something of value and interest for the internet community. Money or monetary benefits have not been their initial motive for starting a blog or launching a website. It just came all along the way when they moved forward to appease their passions and obsessions.

Thus, my dear friends (each of you), please light up a fire of a passion first, in the fertile land of your heart and mind. Your destiny should be achieving success and not solely a definite figure of money. (Money is certainly one of the ultimate rewards that you would be enjoying after some time.) And remember success itself is also not a destiny; it is rather a process of reaching clearly defined milestones and leaving them behind to move ahead for new ones. It is a journey without an end in sight.

I’ll soon present here a list of well-known gurus of the profession who have definitely burnt midnight oil in pursuing their goals and achieved success both in terms of fame and earnings.

Be patient, be smart and be honest to yourself.

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