Friday, May 21, 2010


Flood Your Mind With Success - - - 

To some people the word Success is like climbing Mount Everest, particularly those who are not in the habit of setting high goals and thus not thinking positively, aggressively, passionately, obsessively to achieve them.  These are the people who unconsciously tend to leave their plane of life flying on auto-pilot.  They are not failures, but rather lethargic and complacent.

Success itself becomes a mammoth obstacle for people who do not look beyond the passing moment.  The legendary Henry Ford said about a hundred years ago “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”  Perfectly correct description of obstacles.

Any recipe of success requires the following three basic ingredients:

  1. Goal

A clearly defined goal is, in fact, the driving force that keeps you in action till you achieve it.  Here, I would like you to understand the difference between a goal and a dream.  Dreams are not tagged with a validity of time, but goals are and that is why they never let you opt for an auto-pilot.

So, choose your goals wisely and realistically.

  1. Obsession

No driving force can work without continuous supply of a fuel.  The existence of obsession acts like a fuel for the vehicle of a gratifying accomplishment.  The stronger and deeper the passion, the better the quality of fuel is.   

And your obsession should not be a hypothetical fantasy.

  1. Action

Action plays the role of a driver that is you.  It solely depends upon you just how you control your vehicle preserving the fuel and moving in the right direction.  There is always a first step towards initiating action.  This first step is the beginning of the process of success.

Action needs positive thinking radiating the waves of energy that always result in success.

The best formula for achieving success is flooding your mind with the feelings of success. Instead of engaging your mind on the long process and modus operandi of achieving success, focus the whole of your personality and character on one thing that you have already achieved success.
This is what I call "think succeeded". Push your mind to the limit where it sends you a series of SMS messages that you have succeeded.
Overwhelming your brain with achieved success will keep you concentrating on passionately moving ahead on the path to success, success and success.
Success initiates with the very first step of setting a goal before you. Here is an example of the colossal importance of a goal:
Just imagine what would happen in a soccer field if only the two goal-posts are removed and twenty two players are directed to play the game? I do not have to explain scenario in detail. There is only one word to describe the situation "chaos".
Success haunts only those people who avoid bothering about setting goals. The concept of life without goals, challenges and action is like accepting defeat without entering the battlefield.
All the awards, rewards, appreciation, applause and honours are for the action heroes, not for the lethargic and complacent zombies who opt for auto-pilot.
Wake up from the slumber, create goals, fill your mind with success and go all out for action

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