Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Success Through Positive Thinking and Optimism

When our thinking is optimistic and positive, our subconscious mind gets tuned to the success in all our endeavors. It puts forth ideas, which will bring success in all matters, which normally look quite difficult to accomplish. Great Mathematical genius Ramanujam used to say that the solutions to many intricate formulae used to come to him while in deep sleep.

A positive approach towards our problems brings the proper mindset to tackle the issues. A famous example, which used to be quoted in study circles, is like this: Two salesmen were sent to a backward country in Africa where people do not wear footwear and they were asked about the prospects of sales of footwear items thereof. The negative approach sales representative submitted a report wherein he pointed out the futility of trying to sell footwear to people who are not aware of the benefits of them. Contrary to his approach, the positive approach salesperson found a great opportunity for footwear sales in that area. He pointed out that a very great market is at their disposal, when people are taught about the benefits of the footwear use.

Negative feelings are necessary to a certain extant. They are the natural aids for self-preservation. Nevertheless, if the negative thoughts are always permitted to come in the way of rational analysis of the problems, then there will be no progress in any field. Great opportunities will come and pass unutilized.

Optimistic people also get into problems like others only. The difference is there in their approach and faith that there is always a solution to every problem. Their objective is to tide over the problems as early as possible, with or without the help of others.

Positive minded people attract like-minded people and in times of crises, solve their difficulties with full confidence in their destiny. Because of their bent of mind, ideas come to them for solving the problems. Their mindset is attuned towards success.

Negative minded people always see conspiracies by others to pull them down in life. They suspect every body and attribute mala fide intentions to their actions. They consequently lead a very miserable life and ruin their health also because of this approach of negativity.
Whereas optimistic people bring cheer and happiness to those around them, pessimists ruin their lives as well as of those near and dear to them.

Let us all be optimists, have faith in God, and believe that only good things will happen to us.

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