Thursday, May 20, 2010

Successful Sales

Sell Yourself First, Product Later - - -

Last week I had to get my motorbike tyre changed. While I was enquiring about prices of different brands of tyres, (It was almost two years ago when I last got a tyre for my bike. Hence, I had no idea of increased prices) a young salesman (let’s call him Mr. X) of motorbike spare parts came to take order. The spare-parts shop owner fabricated justifiable excuses for not placing any immediate orders.

The young Mr. X, a fresh college graduate, looked very much disappointed, rather disheartened. I just dared to put my arm around his shoulder and took him aside. I explained to him what I had noticed:


If you are not sure of your own presentation ability, you cannot make other people have confidence in whatever you intend to convey to them.


Your way of communication helps others determine the type of your personality and gauge the abilities of delivering your message.


Your body gestures are definite indicators of your state of mind and intentions. In fact, body language transmits the very first signals, to any one you meet, of assurance or warning about how to deal with you.


Being a successful sales person you have to have a strong belief in the quality of the product that you are determined to sell. It is not that easy to make others empty their pockets in exchange with a product of poor quality. It is your statement that pledges the quality of your product and induces the prospective buyer.


Even if you have mixed all the above ingredients in your sales-talk and the basic content of convincing is missing from the recipe, you cannot enjoy your feast of a successful done-deal. Convincing is directly linked with your body language i.e. your eye contact, upheld face, firm standing or sitting, movement of hands at the appropriate moments, levels of voice and selection of words.

My last piece of advice was to never again wear the T-shirt that implied his being a mommy’s little child, for it delivers a clear message to the person you encounter that your maturity level is not up to the requirement for the job of a sales person.

So, my dear young fellas watch out each of your single step before leaving for your outdoor sales and marketing campaign. You are going to sell yourself first by making a positive, aggressive and dominating impression. The product comes later.

There are thousands of salesmen who know the art of selling products of low quality simply putting the buyer in a no-retreat position.

Note :

I am not an advocate of deceiving the prospects regarding quality and durability of your products. Simply explain the real value of the product and never exaggerate it to the extent of deliberate deception.

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