Monday, June 14, 2010

Break the chains now!

Everyone of us happens to pass through certain milestones in life when a wisely and timely-taken decision could change the whole direction of our future.  But, some people, even to their own chagrin, utterly fail to break the shackles of compulsions, complacence and lethargy.  They feel deceptively safe and secure by taking solace in their own self-created comfort zone and tend to remain in it at the cost of growth, progress and better future.

Are you one of those who do not test their guts and potential to cause a cyclonic change in their life?  I pray that you aren't.  Yet, if you are, prepare yourself for a big surprise.  Believe it or not but the most shocking truth is that no one will ever bother to hand you freedom from chains of your self-imposed imprisonment in the dark, damp and dirty cells of self-deception.

I understand that you will not like these words but there is no better alternative to replace them.  You are really missing the light of optimism, greenery of dreams and beauty of struggle.

It takes the same amount of energy to fuel self-deception and fear of failure as is required to drive the vehicle of passions and ambition and to quench an insatiable hunger for success.

Thus, why not to move on the track of positive thinking?  Why not to set high goals and take a jump-start towards your perceived destiny?  Why not to put your God-given energies to ultimate test?

Remaining huddled up in the lap of complacence will never ever take you a single step ahead of your current position.  Time is passing fast and demands you to keep pace with it.

Every new day knocks at the door of your fate inviting you to write a new chapter of your life and pushes you to move forward.  Otherwise, you will be left behind with a blank page tagged on your chest titled as "late-starter".  Late starters rarely win the race.  There are exceptions too.  Where do you find yourself - - standing with achievers or late starters?  

Opportunities do not return again and again in these times of cut-throat competition in any field of professional life.  

Success is writing, producing, directing and performing your own script of creative ideas and concepts, convictions and beliefs, strategies and plans to make a documentary of achievements to smile at and for others to get inspired.

Have you written your own script or taken it as a resolution of fate to follow the herd of sheep, head-bent and subservient?

Failure is no option to choose.  Stand up, collect your energies, compose your thoughts and break the chains that are preventing you from taking the action that could change your present, your future, your fate.

Write your own fate through brainstorming, actions and persistence.

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