Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to Achieve Targets?

by Rakesh Bawdhankar

Every other day we start reading a self-help book and think that finally! “ Yes finally here is a book that has solutions to all my problems”. You start reading the book with new zest and enthusiasm .Some suggestions in book are something which you can do immediately and you feel happy. But as you progress, difficult things like sticking to your time table, disciplined schedule and blah blah blah start coming. 

You suddenly start feeling “ this is not for me” and you go in search of a yet another self-helf book. All in all what you become is a knowledgeable person on self improvement and self-help books ( But off course the one who can’t help oneself)

Dear friends let me assure you that there is no substitute for hard work. Off course it can be replaced by SMART work, But work you must. There is no shortcut to accomplish your task that doesn’t go through the road of hard work.

To make you work in shortest time here are the five simple steps that if followed word to word will lead to accomplishing the task in the most quickest time.

1) Specify the target :- This means specify the work required to be done to the last details. Many times it happens that we do a lot of work regarding achieving a middle of particular tolerance (control limit) when in actual what was required was just adherence to the tolerance. So better know the purpose of the target.

2) Time plan:- Nothing can be achieved without actual time plan. So have a time plan with actual dates for the progression of the partial targets.

3) Taking actions:- Action is the soul of target achievement. So a quick action is to be taken as per the plan. Before taking actions, review various options and then go in for a particular action.

4) Regular follow up:- Once the action is initiated it is very necessary to do regular follow-up and check the progress. If found deviating from the target ,then we should either change the action completely or do the modifications as required.

5) Achieve the target:- By following the above steps we are sure to achieve the target and the most important thing here is to congratulate oneself for the success and always maintain the records of success so that in future too, you can refer them, both for building your confidence and also for use as a ready rekoner.

One final step, Standardization of a system that works for you is the best way to succeed in life, so record keeping of your successes and failures can guide you to develop a system that actually works for you.

So happy Target Accomplishing!

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