Friday, June 4, 2010


- Think Succeeded - had not occurred in a flash of a moment, nor is it the outcome of some brainstorming.  Personally I feel that it has grown out of the fertile land of positive thinking.  I have already written somewhere else that all the credit of a change in my thinking pattern goes to Anthony Robbins.  I read only one of his books, 'Mind Power', back in 2004 and applied some of its contents to get rid of migraine and succeeded.

And quite mysteriously, I have been swimming through the stormy waters of unfavourable circumstances since 2004.  I lost my job, sold property to start business and lost everything on the morning of 28th January, 2008.  And then there was a long battle with the damn suicidal depression that almost devastated me physically, spiritually, psychologically and intellectually as well.  And I am one of those bravest people on earth who overcome their suicidal depression without any medication or consultation with a medical expert.  That is God's greatest blessing. 

(Hey, hey, hey - - - please do not take a pity on me, I really hate that.  I am just narrating the facts, not crying over the spilt milk.  Should you feel interested, please move the cursor to your right. There is a page titled as 'You must read this first' under SPECIAL PAGES.  I owe you a special prayer if you do so!)

If you have time and interest, I would like you to please follow me right from the very first post to the latest one and derive a conclusion whether I deserve to be labelled as a SUCCESS and ACHIEVER or not.

Personally I have started considering myself a huge SUCCESS and ACHIEVER because of the mail that I received from an Australian gentleman last week.  He writes:

'Dear Mr. Saalik, I am a 66 year old person living only with my dog 'XYZ'.  My children abandoned me after the death of my loving wife.  

Before I happened to visit your blog today, I had already had the last talk of my life with XYZ.  Life had become so painful for me.  Then I turned on the computer and started net surfing to find someone who could adopt my dog after my death - and found your blog.  I read your story and other articles and have just told my XYZ 'you are so unlucky that I've got another friend in the other side of the world'.

Some of my friends keep asking me about how much I am earning from my blogs.  Till writing this, I have not earned a single cent from any of my blogs nor is it my ultimate goal.  I need to earn a lot to fulfill my children's dreams that they sacrificed for my failed ambitions and adventures.  But I have other plans for achieving monetary targets.  I am studying and learning internet / affiliate marketing.  I welcome any helping suggestions in this regard.

Perhaps my friends measure my success in terms of money whereas I measure it through the achievement that I have mentioned above.

What do you say?  Please share your feelings and thoughts to inspire others.  Thank you. 

God protect you from all failures, mishaps, diseases, tensions, depression, suicidal thoughts, shattered dreams and hopelessness.

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