Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Noisy Coins vs Cool Currency Notes

by Saalik Siddikki

Have you ever noticed that if you have a few coins in your pocket they make noise even without your touching them.  Try to walk a little fast or jog and they start rattling in your pocket disrupting your thoughts and making you realize their presence.

Attitude.  Yes, they want you to take them counted.  Attitude of narrow minds, unpolished characters and under-grown personalities.   People with these qualities are hell-raisers who talk loudly, shout casually and argue obdurately over trivial matters merely to make their value realized, for they certainly possess a value like every single coin does.

On the other hand, a bulky pack of ten grand does not create any noise whether you walk fast, jog or jump.  Sometimes you do not even feel its presence but deep somewhere in your subconscious mind you are silently and repeatedly reassured of its value.

Does it imply then that the more value you possess the more self-contained, self-maintained and self-esteemed you become?  Yes, that is true.  You cannot increase your value through shouts, outbursts and stubbornness.  Never.

Now find a life-size mirror.  Go straight to it.  Stand firmly with full confidence.  Look at yourself, eyes into eyes.  Ask yourself bluntly "where do you like to be placed?"  At the bottom of a nicely erected heap of coins or somewhere in between the high denomination currency notes, roughly stacked?

If you feel that you are still being placed, by the world, under the heap of coins, take the boldest step of your life and refine your qualities, define your characteristics.  First create your worth and then prove it to the world  with a pinch of pure self-esteem that is the essence of your value to others.

Remember, if you do not realize your own value then how can you expect others to understand your worth? Making noise is a healthy activity but not at the cost of your devaluation. Wake up, dozing soul, wake up! Put the best side of you in the window.  If people do not feel up to paying for you, they would certainly appreciate you as we all do while window-shopping.

When we see something of value and are unable to get it, we take pride in telling about it to our friends.  At least be something that valuable.  Make them realize your merits by keeping cool and self-contained like currency notes not by shouting or creating noisy scenes like coins.

The above crap is the afterthought of an SMS message that my Facebook friend Azhar Abbas Azee sent me yesterday ------ "Coins" always make sound but the currency notes are always silent. So, when your value increases, keep yourself "calm and silent".

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  1. A good insight and I have shared this in my Face...i was goggling around to find the meaning of the quotes and I stumbled into ur blog...very precise and very interesting..good work..I will be coming more