Sunday, June 13, 2010

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

You write and speak every single day, whether to yourself or to others, just like you walk, see or hear everyday. Now, if you were to wake up, walk down the street and... OOPS... you broke your leg or went deaf, would you try and crack your legs back into place, stick a Q-Tip in your ear and call it a day or would you actually seek some professional help...?

Why then, when it comes to properly writing and speaking - two vital life skills for success both personally and professionally - you continue to live with the problem instead of fixing it? See, most people experience forgetfulness despite their pre-planning, shake and shudder unnecessarily, become flustered and just very nervous when they speak in front of other people - and most writers, despite their talents, have a lot of trouble truly expressing themselves, due to writer's block and a host of other problems.

Stage fright is primarily in your mind - the rest in the minds of others that just so happened to be in your mind. See, mentally, you are scared about others perception of you - it is as if you are under a microscope. We call this fear and nervousness. Naturally, when the time comes and you find yourself in front of a group of people there is one reason and one reason only that you would feel that way - insecurity. Most people have this problem for this reason, but contrary to popular belief, and what you have probably been taught, all that is needed to cure stage fright is a little preparation and something I call "modeling".

Modeling is basically when you pretend to be someone else - this was imperative for me when I first started out speaking in front of audiences. Of course, prior to me being in front of large (or small groups... or even one person!) I would prepare adequately (until later on when I became more experienced at some of the techniques which I will mention in my system) and when I would stand in front of them I found myself being really shaken up and scared. My words would not come out as I put them together in my mind and eventually I would stutter and use a lot of "um" and "uh" and "you know" and "and" - well you get the picture. This is when you model. Have you ever seen authority figures give speeches or host seminars (like when the President does the State of the Union address)? 

If you have ever watched them closely you will notice their mannerisms, pace, projection and body language are totally different then ours when they speak - model that!

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