Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reading and Writing

The Core Foundation For Any Successful Writer

Reading and Writing go hand in hand. Every good writer is a good reader and vice versa. They might not be the best motivational speakers or even the most articulate people. Yet, they are the only people in the world, who sit down to an empty tablet and create a new world. This world is one, where they call all the shots and we just exist in it. This makes them some of the most incredible individual's ever.

The discovery of a new book, can take a writer to a completely different world. This world can shape the writer's mind and cause a wicked chain of events. The end result usually being an awesome manuscript. In writing, different is good. Seeing the world from someone else's eyes can shift our own point of view.

Every writer needs this to happen to him, because it takes his writing skills to another level. My boss, who is a well established writer made me read some different books on writing and it not only scratched the surface of my imagination but it fueled my appetite to revolutionize the world of literature with a action-packed manuscript.

The world of literature loves a diverse writer and so do readers. I invite every writer to hone his skills and practice this procedure. You will see the change take place in your manuscript and it will make your finished product a hot commodity. So, gentleman, start your engines, open a new book and get ready to conquer the world of literature, one page at a time.

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