Friday, June 11, 2010

Why pretend to be a champion?

There is a famous quote by the great Muhammad Ali "To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you are not, pretend you are."

Had it been from a different source like some philosopher or a mentor, you could take it as a hypothecated and motivational statement.  But, these words have come from the mouth of a real-life champion.  There is a similar quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger who visualized himself as a champion before stepping up the stage for every competition.

The point, for those who do not have a difinite and crystal clear idea about the power of positive thinking, positive attitude and creative visualization, is why pretend to be a champion if you are not one in reality?

What I have learnt from my personal experience is that when you start visualizing yourself bigger than what you exactly are, your sub-conscious mind also gets down to work and begins creating images.  The depth and impact of these images depends on the strength and foundation of your belief.  The stronger your belief is, the powerful the images are that your sub-conscious mind creates on the commands that you transmit through your conscious mind.

First, it is just like an inward maneuver.  You transmit a strong message to your sub-conscious mind and it follows your instructions.  It is also like feeding raw material to the production unit or sowing the seeds in a fertile piece of land.

Second, your sub-conscious mind has its own way of working.  The moment it receives information or messages or the raw material, it starts turning that stuff into products that you had perceived.

Now, the duration of time from feeding in raw material to getting the production depends upon the strength of your belief that your production unit has the capacity to produce what it was made for.

In fact, this is the basic concept of Think Succeeded i.e. visualizing the end results.

Now suppose you have a fertile piece of land and you sow the seeds of wateremelon in it.  Do you think you would be pondering about the process of the transformation of seeds into smal shoots breaking out of ground and growing to become fully ripe crop of big green watermelons?

No, it usually does not go like that.  Even before sowing the seeds, when you decide to have a crop of anything, your mind immediately projects the picture of that crop on the screen of your imagination.

The Creator has assigned this duty to our mind and we should follow the natural process to get the desired results.

Pretending to be a champion even if you are not one is like visualizing the final crop that you would get after sowing the seeds, ploughing and watering the fields.

The truth is it shortens the duration of time to complete the process.  And you must make full use of this process.

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