Wednesday, July 7, 2010

6 Ways to Achieve Goals Visually

I have included a simple six-step process of setting your goals through your closest friends, keeping everyone in the loop via social sites like Twitter and Facebook, and even broadcasting outside your network to stick with your goals.


If you have a difficult time, sticking to your goals, weblog your success may lie in putting them online.


Instead, done properly, visualization can be a great way to build confidence and help you to achieve your goals. It also builds confidence that they have thought about the problems that may arise. This builds confidence in you, and the ability by applying these success principles on a daily basis. This is exactly why some doctors visualize an entire operation before they perform the actual procedure.


Visualization helps people to make almost any task more comfortable - which can increase the success rate. People are certainly more comfortable when they know what to expect. Visualizing the process of achieving and succeeding at something makes you more confident when you get to the actual tasks-at-hand. The big reason that visualization works is that it builds confidence.


If you visualize (form images on the canvass of your mind) members of the audience start falling asleep, then you can think about what you would do to get their attention back. If we go back to the example of the important speech, visualizing what could go wrong during your speech will help you to avoid those problems in the first place. 

Then, you can visualize what you might do if these problems arise when you are actually working on a car. When you visualize yourself fixing that hot rod, you can visualize the problems that may arise. From problems with the engine to having the wrong parts, being prepared for the unexpected can certainly help you overcome them without quitting. 

Visualizing a task that you want to accomplish also allows you to plan for potential problems that may occur on your way to a success. Rehearsing an important speech that you have to give in front, an important client helps you to refine what you are going to say.


It does not have to be a major medical surgery for visualization to breed mastery. Envisioning a surgery, going through it, and imagining it being a success can lead to that happening when presented with the real-life situation. We become better at something when we must do it several times.


Going through a process repeatedly helps to build mastery. This can work because you are essentially doing the task more than once. Going through the process in your mind helps to build mastery of a task and helps make the result a success. For instance, some doctors will actually visualize an entire operation in their mind before performing the actual operation. The idea behind visualization or forming (images in your mind) is that you visualize yourself going through a process or task before you actually do it.

The power of the imagination is a God given gift!

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