Friday, July 9, 2010

Honor Your Values and Find Your Passion

Do you know what your most precious values are in life?

Our values drive our life experience and yet amazingly most of us aren't even aware of what they are.

Taking the time to be clear about what you value most in life is tremendously important because when you are clear about what those values are, you can take care to set goals for yourself which are in harmony with those values. If your goals and values lead in opposite directions, then disharmony and conflict are often the result.

Whenever I am coaching someone for the first time I always ask if they have stopped to think about their life values recently. Yet, I often find myself working with people who have got to the top of their particular 'career ladder' only to find that the 'ladder' is leaning against the wrong 'wall'! The result is stress, disharmony and dissatisfaction. The way to avoid this is to make sure that the 'wall' we chose to lean our ladder against is made up of the values we hold most dear in life.

We all have a unique set of core values that act rather like our inner compass, guiding us in a set direction and when what you value highly and what you do are truly in harmony, then you can experience greater balance, purpose and direction in your life. You can also be confident that when you set goals for yourself which are in alignment with what you really value, they will lead you in the direction of success and contentment.

Knowing your core values also allows you to recognise and let go of those things in your life that don't honour those values, or that aren't fully in alignment with them. These are usually things that you feel that you should do or ought to do, things that you have always done, or that other people expect of you. Whenever we feel we must or should do something, it's usually a reflection of someone else's values and goals rather than our own and doing these things often leaves us bored, dissatisfied, lacking in motivation or feeling drained.

A value is something that you feel is naturally important to you. It comes from within and is not influenced by your wants or needs. If you are not aware of your values you can end up unconsciously living in disharmony with them and eventually that can lead to frustration, anger, feeling of stress, or a lack of purpose or direction in life. When we don't know how to make good decisions for ourselves based on our true passion we can all too easily end up allowing other people to make decisions for us. So it is well worth just a little bit of time and effort to discover this essential information for yourself.

So using these brief insights as a guide, I'd like to suggest you to take some time now to ask yourself "what is really important to me in life?" Security, fairness, good health, love? What ever it is, make a list of all your answers. Ideally you should come up with about 8-10 core values.

Whenever I'm coaching I like to ask my clients for a commitment to follow though on this exercise because it really is so important to be clear about what motivates you and to discover what you are most passionate about. So I'd like to ask you too, if you would be willing to follow though on this?

If your answer is yes, then decide now when you can set aside some time to complete this exercise.

If your answer is no, or you don't feel any motivation to carry on, then perhaps you already have all the contentment and happiness you need in life, or it may be you are just not ready yet to do the inner work which is required for change. Either way, don't judge yourself, just make a decision and move on.

Once you have a clear idea on what your top three or four values are, take some time to arrange these in order of importance for you. You may well find that as you give this exercise some thought a value which you initially identified as being low down on your list may have moved up to assume a much higher priority. If this happens, pay attention, it may well signal an important area of your life which is currently unfulfilled and which may need to become the focus of some future goal setting.

Knowing what is most valuable to you in life also makes decision making much easier and helps you identify and invite in those situations and things that you do want in your life so that you can recognise and release the goals that aren't really yours.

After all, to live your life with integrity and passion your words must match your actions, which must match your beliefs and also your core values. So clarifying what really matters to you, knowing what you stand for and why, will allow you to live with much greater harmony and satisfaction in the world.

Anne Marshall is author of The Health Factor: Coach Yourself To Better 
Health. She is passionate about helping her clients to improve their wellbeing and offers a free sample coaching session to anyone thinking of hiring a Health Coach. You can contact her directly here:

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