Sunday, August 1, 2010

Attack Before Getting a Checkmate

by Saalik Siddikki

Attack life, it's going to kill you anyway. -- Steven Coallier

Have you ever paused for a moment and pondered, in the hustle bustle of everyday hectic activities that life is going to kill you anyway. There is no doubt about it.  What only matters is span of time.  Stop in the middle of your tracks right away and check your performance.  Ask yourself bluntly:

  • What were your goals?

  • When and where did you start pursuing your goals?

  • What tracks did you choose towards your destiny?

  • What luggage did you take with you and how much is left now?

  • Did you have any companions or your left alone to conquer the world?

  • What milestones came your way and where did you move from there?

  • Have you achieved any single goal or more?

  • Are you satisfied with your journey towards your destiny?


Have you been just wandering around, only doing window shopping, killing time, joining and quitting jobs merely to make both ends meet and wasting your energies purposelessly in futile exercises?

It is only you, indeed, who could answer these questions to determine your current status.

Suppose, if you say that you have achieved all or most of your goals, then what?  Will you be spending the rest of your life huddled up in the comfort zone of your fulfilled dreams and desires?  I don’t think you would think on these lines.  No successful person does.

On the contrary, if you are one of those who could not achieve anything in life and have fallen victim to complacence and self-pity, then you certainly need to take a revolutionary step to get out of this state of mind that is eroding your remaining ambition, enthusiasm and fervor.

Remember, you are never out of the battleground of life till your last breath.  In that case you cannot take risk of ignoring the surroundings where everybody is fighting for his/her own survival and there is a definite probability that someone attacks you before you could raise your defending shield.  What to do then?  Should you take out your sword of revenge and start killing others?  No, I didn’t mean that.

The only point that I intend to convey to you is that you should not become the scapegoat of circumstances.  Don’t kill anyone to make your way forward towards survival, but then, also never get assaulted in ignorance.

What is life?  Composition of opportunities - sometimes recurring and sometimes new – giving you a chance to avail, exerting every drop of your energy and doing as best as you can.

If no opportunity comes your way, create one for yourself.  Do your best on every frontier as if this is the last battle of your life and see how victories pile up behind you raising you to the zenith of achievements and gratification.

That is exactly what it means to attack life.   



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