Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to Quit Smoking Instantly

You might disagree what I'm going to tell you, but the truth of the matter is I did it myself without any use of medical support.

For more than 25 years I was a chain smoker, consuming more than two packs a day. That's a normal for me. Sometimes I consumed three packs the whole night when I played music during invitations to provide entertainment to fiestas in our place, the Philippines.

Yes, being a Catholic country, the Philippines has lots of fiestas and holidays. During fiestas, every town or barrios needs the services of musicians to entertain visitors, especially during vesper day dances.

So, musicians are in demand during these occasions.

Me, being a band player always got the best deal to give music to every fiestas in our place. During night time, were most of these occasions are held, is cold and smoking is the only remedy to quench the cold environment.
                        That's where I consumed around three packs the whole night.

How I stopped smoking is the one I'm going to share with you, right now.
Are you really serious to STOP smoking?

Well, I know you're excited to know how I stopped smoking instantly and how you can do it too.

Here they are...

1. Crush a single stick

One time I was suffering from a smokers cough for almost one month. Any medication I takes but to no avail. I couldn't sleep sometimes when the cough attacks. I was really, really mad at my cough and immediately I connected the cigarette to the cough I was suffering. I got one stick, and I immediately crushed it and says, "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you" crushing the single stick into small pieces and thrown in the trash can. You can crush more than what I did if you think you're not comfortable with one stick. It depends to your decision.

2. Do away from cigarette smoke

Sometimes I was enticed to smoke when I smell the cigarette smoke especially in public places. What I did, I leave the place immediately and look for a place where no one smokes. I did this routine for more than six months. After this period, I can already mingle with people who smoke without being enticed with their smoke. I already passed through the critical period of adjustment.

3. Keep busy

When I feel like smoking, I see to it that I have to do something to make myself busy. I used to do heavy work like cutting grasses, lifting heavy loads, jogging in place, or anything that will let me perspire heavily. When I perspire heavily, I am relieve dfrom the craving for cigarette.
4. Drink plenty of water or fruit juice

After perspiring from my physical activities stated in number 3, I drink plenty of water or fruit juice whatever is available to the maximum. Water is the number one body cleansing. I felt I was totally relieved after drinking water. When there is a fresh fruit juice I take it to replace water. Most often I drink more water than fruit juice.

5. Think positive

Thinking positive, what I mean, is I always imagine and focus on the positive side of things. I don't bother myself looking back at the bad experiences I encountered during my period of addiction with cigarette smoking. I always do things that has no connection whatsoever with cigarette. When suddenly cigarette craving comes to my mind, I immediately change course to erase it. Doing things to while away the time to forget cigarette related attention.

6. Eat fruits and vegetables

This is my secret to forget cigarette smoking. I always maintain to have fruit or vegetable with my diet. If there is no fruit available during lean months, I used to eat plenty of vegetables in one setting. Sometimes I'll combine three or five vegetables in one cooking, any kind of vegetable available around I have to used them.

7. Self Discipline

I always hold through to my decision to quit smoking. No amount of enticement or seduction could break my personal decision from my friends who are smokers. During social gatherings or simple get together, I could not escape to mingle with smokers. But, because of my strong belief not to smoke again, I strictly adhere to my decision to be non-smoker, and I can withstand the strong pressure. To me, that's self discipline.

8. Ask Divine Help

Believe me, whatever sect do you belong, I know you agree that there is an Almighty God that intervenes our lives. For me being a Christian, totally believe that Divine help reinforces my desire to stop smoking. When cravings for cigarette sets in, I closed my eyes and pray to God that I may be strong enough to resist temptation. And it really works.

If you're serious to stop smoking, I encourage you to follow what I did. There's no need of any medical help. Just stick to what you believe can do away with cigarette smoking.

Give yourself a try what I've done.

If I've done it, and so you can do it too. Just be determined and don't stop until you achieve what you desires!

And if ever you've succeed with your "stop-smoking-plan" please send me a note and ask your permission to include you in my testimonies for smokers who've stop smoking without the use of medical help.

I want more people to be aware about the effect of cigarette smoking to our lives.

Let us advocate "stop smoking" to those people who are desirous to be released from the chain of cigarette addiction.

Together, with our common efforts to help them, we can do it!

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