Thursday, September 2, 2010

Achieving Goals

Enhance Your Life With a Step by Step Formula

Many people start their path to achieving goals by writing them on paper. However, just writing down the goals isn't enough. There are two parts to getting what you want - writing goals down and taking action to achieve them. Most people don't like setting goals because they don't know how to go about doing it, or it's too much work, and procrastination sets in. Below is a simple but powerful formula for reaching your goals. If followed, you will become successful at achieving your desires.

1) Write down your objective. - What part of your life are you wanting to challenge? What do you want to achieve? Create an affirmation to coincide with your objective.

2) Put a date on it.-A deadline creates a sense of urgency which helps motivate you to take action on achieving goals. If there is no date, there is no finish line.

3) Identify the obstacles. - By identifying your potential obstacles, you are kept aware as to what may be coming your way. You can keep a list of ways to go over, above, around or through these obstacles when they rear up.

4) Identify the people and groups you need to work with. - It is important to have a circle of influence to help you with your desire. Why? Because if they have been there and done that, they can give you ideas on what to avoid and what works best for them.

5) Find what it is you need to know about your objective. - This may seem obvious, but many times it is the case that people think they can just pick up and go (which is great, speed of implementation). But, if you go off on a tangent without being knowledgeable on what it will take to get what you want, you will just end up frustrated and quit.

6) Develop a plan of action. - Thinking about doing something is great, but not acting on it is a sure formula for failure. Develop simple steps to reach your desire and then look frequently at what you have accomplished.

7) Write down "What's in it for me?" - This is your "why." If you don't have your why, then you won't keep up the passion that's needed to reach your desire.

This is a quick and easy formula to achieving goals. Your desire will come much more quickly and be more measurable using these seven steps.

Kimberly Cobos has extensively researched self-improvement techniques for the last 22 years. Her passion to help others has lead her to become an author, speaker and personal improvement coach.

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