Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Public Speaking - Level of Involvement

Sometimes, people even get disgusted and think of the presenter as 'spitting' more than speaking!

The audience is captured, only if the story you deliver, is 'emotive' and will receive the response desired. Sometimes, an audience may remain silent, not because they are asleep, but are thinking hard, and involving themselves in the example they have been given!

So, as a reference: 

• The speaker talks about a story
• Talks to the audience 

• Engages the audience 

• Makes the audience think

That is how the audience feel about the Level of Involvement they are in.
By now, you probably have some unanswered questions.


Mostly an audience is at a seminar, or attending a talking session due to the existence of 'unanswered questions', they have and are hoping that the presenter will disseminate information; which lead to their desired answers!
For example: 

* In a fast paced modern society, people want to be 'Information Technology' literate 

* Parents, who want their children to excel at any subject in school, will be on the lookout for tuition classes for excellence!

In this fast paced society, nobody awaits for an answer that takes long to be revealed to them. The truth is, the "pace" is fast, and 'so' is the level of expectation.

To add, the way things are done is made easier with technology, and not human practices. Keeping up with this 'speed of progress' requires a broad, yet well utilized, skill, Public Speaking.

Consider this fact; I noticed that people do spend HUGE amounts of money on education, not on ornaments or accessories. So, the audiences want to hear the story they are interested in, not some random choice of chatting!

I am Stanley Lai, a cancer survivor who achieved in an awkward way and lived on; to learn more

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