Wednesday, September 8, 2010


How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

By Leeanne Crowe

No matter what scenario you are to deliver your speech in, it is important to prepare and rehearse, and keep yourself well rested and dressed to deliver an effective speech.

The very thought of speaking in public can be quite difficult for most of us. The ability to maintain steady a steady pace in the rhythm of your voice is quite crucial in delivering an effective speech.  The ability to express yourself effectively is an important criterion no matter which field or scenario you are dealing with. If you are a team leader, if you are appearing for an interview or if you are selling a product to a new customer, you can only achieve success if you can express yourself in a bold and confident manner.

Before delivering your final speech, there are a few things you need to work on beforehand to make sure you convey your speech effectively. Firstly, you need to prepare for your speech by knowing the material you are to talk about. If you are selling a product, you need to know and understand each and everything about the product from scratch. As you audience will definitely have questions to ask, you need to know all your material to provide them with satisfactory answers.  Memorizing is not the key but to understanding it completely is.

You need to rehearse your speech beforehand several times. This helps you build up on confidence, which automatically decreases anxiety levels and can, help you maintain a steady tone. Make sure to keep yourself well rested and hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and during your speech. This helps you focus and gather your thoughts much easier and can also help you control your voice as your mouth does not end drying up. This situation can lead to your speech being a disaster and rather quite embarrassing.

Your audience will definitely pay more attention to you if you are dressed well. It emits a sign of professionalism and will show that you are serious and can help you articulate your speech in an effective manner. It is very likely that your audience will pay attention to you if you are dressed shabby and you speak in a soft voice. It will only make them disinterested in what you have to say.

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