Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Five Asian Success Stories - 4

Urban Greening Partnership Program of Sri Lanka

In 2003, Sri Lanka’s University of Peradeniya, working together with other partner organizations such as the Canadian International Development Agency, began a three-year Urban Greening Partnership Program. The effort used urban agriculture to reduce poverty and enhance the environment in three urban areas (Matale, Moratuwa and Badulla). The first phase of the project, in the fall of 2003, involved the formation of multi-stakeholder committees for each project community. A series of Community Action Plan workshops were conducted; the participants mapped out “Green Plans” for their respective communities. The following spring, approximately 180 home gardens and four community gardens were created in the project communities. In August 2004, a national seminar on “Next Steps for Urban Greening Partnerships” was held in Matale. Approximately 80 local authorities, community residents and project staff attended. Working in partnership, they discussed the ‘lessons learned’ and charted the direction of the second year of the program.

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