Sunday, December 19, 2010

Alpha Brainwave Meditation

 Can Help You Regain Your Creativity Lost From Childhood

We are at out the most creative when we are kids. The reason is that kids mostly use the right side of the brain which produces the most alpha brain waves. As we age into adulthood, the left side of the brain begins to take control by having more of the higher frequency beta waves. This pushes the alpha brain waves into a lesser position.

During our normal daily activities we are typically focused on finding logical and analytical to problem and this can block the ability to find creative solutions. Alpha brain waves are the source of creative solutions and we have to restore this balance so that we don't just become blind followers and do'ers in task executions.

This is not all bad. Beta brain waves are totally essential when we are involved in daily activities. They are necessary for routines tasks, doing math problems, and just in general getting the things done on our "To do" lists. However, beta brainwaves can also represent a state of high and anxiety.

If we are constantly in a state of high stress, this can result in a wide range of health problems, difficulties in emotional stability, mood swings, and lowered productivity. High stress and anxiety leads to an overproduction of the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is always present in our bodies at low levels, but the excessive amounts produced by high stress can result in the longer term into heart problems, faster aging of the mind and body, and higher blood pressure.

Alpha brain waves are a slower brainwave frequency and are a state of high relaxation but still somewhat mentally alert and aware. This is a stress-free state of mind. Alpha is more or less the opposite of the conditions of beta brainwaves.

Alpha brainwaves are able to open up creative thinking, work on issues for more emotional stability, and produce more productive hormones such a melatonin and serotonin.

There has been research that has shown that even short sessions of relaxation and meditation can result a roughly 10% increase of psychomotor vigilance. Taking notice of this, there are a number of corporations that now offer free classes for employees who want to learn meditation. These companies have discovered that employees who meditate on a consistent basis tend to be more productive, have better abilities for interpersonal relations with others, and also tend to have the most innovative thoughts and able to find creative solutions that no one else has thought about.

Learning how to achieve effective meditation can sometimes be difficult to master. Fortunately there is a modern technology aid known as binaural beats that can make this easier.
Binaural beats are specially designed recordings that utilize the principle of brainwave entrainment to help your brain slow itself down to the meditative ranges of alpha and theta brain waves. This makes it easier and quicker to get into the more relaxed state where positive changes can be made. You still engage in the traditional meditation techniques, but you get a boost in intensity and quickness by listening to a binaural beats download at the same time.
By engaging in regular and consistent sessions of alpha brain wave meditation, we as adults can actually regain some of the intelligence and creativity that has gradually been lost from early childhood. While this loss is a natural process of aging, it can be reversed if we work on it the right meditation techniques.

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