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The 7 Best Benefits From Beta Brainwave Entrainment

First off what are beta brainwaves and what do you mean by entrainment? To really understand the seven benefits of beta brain wave entrainment you need to first understand what it is. Beta brainwaves are the frequency of your brainwaves that operate in the 14-32Hz range and are primarily responsible for concentration, focus, and your day to day activities. Entrainment is the process that gets your brain to operate on a specific frequency and allows you to get your brain in the right frequency range to do certain things at optimal levels. Below I'm going to give you the seven top reasons why beta brainwave entrainment is helpful.

Increased Focus - Everyone has experienced it before where you are trying to think about something but it is just like a fog is on your mind and you just can't quite figure it out. Those times are usually due to a lack of focus to what you are trying to figure out. If you are able to increase your beta brain waves you will be able to increase your focus and more then likely lift the fog in your mind.

Ability to Think Quickly - Elevated levels of beta brainwaves increase concentration and focus which will in turn lead to you being able to think quicker. People that think quicker are usually more happy and successful and enjoy increased self confidence.

Optimal Performance - With an increase in focus and energy you naturally enter a level of optimal performance. This goes for athletic events as well as academic ones.

More Energy - People that suffer from a lack of energy tend to have lower beta brainwaves. If you are looking to increase your energy level just try increasing your beta brainwaves.

Increased IQ - Studies show people with increased levels of beta brainwave tend to have higher IQ. This makes perfect sense because with increased focus you will find it much easier to learn new things as well as retain them longer.

Goal Orientation - When you are more focused it is easier to stick to task which will also make it far easier to complete your goals.

Positive Thinking - With all of these other benefits you will have more positive thoughts and a more positive outlook on things.

Now that you know the seven benefits of increased beta brain wave activity and what they can do for you what can you do about it. Brainwaves are very hard to learn to control on your own experienced mediators practice for many many years before they are able to even start to control their brainwave function. That is where brainwave entrainment comes into play. With this technique you are able to learn to control your brain waves in a much shorter time then it takes with meditation or any other method I have heard about.

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