Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to Develop Strong Will-Power

Will power is within a person's personality, it works as an energy which assists us to overcome some difficult situations in our lives and successfully defeats bad situation to become the other way around.

Your success derives from a serious situation depends how you use your will power to combat such a tremendous roadblock that hinders you to reach your goal.
There are some occasions when a weak person with a strong will power succeed, while there are some healthy able bodied person fails because they have a weak will power to act.

One of my friend who was very weak to walk because he suffers from a serious illness was brought to the hospital for operation. Sensing his condition, he could hardly cope with the operation and it may cause his death due to poor health condition. Upon entering the operating room, he whispered to me and said. "in a couple of days my friend I'll be alright, and we'll be happy together again". The nurse look at me with a pity, knowing that my friend may not survive with the major operation.

But after, six months, my friend visited me with a big smile in his face, strong and healthy. Asking him how he survived the operation, he told me, "My friend I want to live longer, so I was confident I will be fine with the operation".
His will power to live was very strong that he didn't think of anything else but to get will soon and live happily.

The lesson here, is no matter how the problem is so serious, if you're confident and trust that you can solve it, the result would be satisfying.

Ways to develop a strong will-power

It is a proven principle that a clean environment, including your personality has something to do with the development of a strong will-power. Hygiene includes, eating it right, sleeping properly, proper exercise. Eating too much or less greatly affects your health balance. You should guard yourself the food you take by following the food pyramid to get the right nutritive value for your body.

Same is true with your sleeping habit. To get the right health you desires, you should at least sleep 6-8 hours a day. This is mostly recommended by doctors to make your body in good shape.

The most important aspect of making you always in perfect condition to develop a strong willpower, exercise play an important role to let you fit to any physical activities your body encounters.

Through a proper exercise, some toxic substances comes out from your body by way of heavy perspiration and later cleanses you all the bad elements that hinders your mental capacity to think properly.

An active body makes your mind active and easily push you to actively make decisions with precise outcome. This is so, because an active mind has the ability to think intelligently.

The last most important ways you can develop your will-power to the climax is to avoid self-pity. When you begin to pity yourself, you becomes weak, your mind can't think properly, since you're drowning yourself to self surrender. You accept that you've no more hope with your life.

Don't embrace negative attitudes with your life. Put all those bad elements aside and focus on the positive things to safeguard your strong will-power to rule over you.

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