Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Short Term Goals Are The Best Resolutions


With every passing day of December, millions of people around the globe start creating beautifully worded resolutions for the New Year but unfortunately, most of them forget their own self-commitments before the end of January.

Whether New Year resolutions bring any positive or desired change in our lives could not be determined collectively. Individually, it is my personal observation and experience that such artificial bindings rather damage our character. Failure to follow our resolutions disheartens and disappoints us. Instead, everyday resolutions with short-term goals to achieve play a pivotal role in developing our confidence, building our self-esteem, polishing our persona and fueling our passions to achieve our targets comfortably.

There may be some successful people who manage to fulfill their commitments with themselves but for the rest of the majority it is quite irritating to not get any results from irregular efforts. It is not possible for every person to suddenly become a die-hard achiever without a persistent pursuit of goals. Keeping focused on a single target needs perseverance, determination, will power and total concentration, which is in fact bitterly difficult to attain. 

However, setting a series of short-term goals on day-to-day or weekly basis is comparatively much easier to achieve.

Constant success in achieving short-term goals acts like hi-octane to keep the vessels of our ambitions and passions not only running but also moving ahead at a faster pace towards our destiny. We do not need exceptional motivation or a driving force of a jet engine to keep dashing for a 100-metre distance. Collecting our positive energies to attain success in accomplishing small tasks does not even require any mentoring under ordinary circumstances, though a mentor's presence around is always inspirational and no lesser than a magnetic field.

So, try to change your track by switching to short-term goal setting and go all out to achieve them.

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