Tuesday, February 22, 2011


by Saalik Siddikki

An angle of vision matters much when different people look at the challenges of life.  Some have a microscopic view; the others have a telescopic view of similar situations and respond or react accordingly.

Positive thinkers and achievers respond to situations while negative thinkers and non-achievers react. Response is a positive act mostly resulting in settlement of matters and reaction a negative act creating and aggravating disputes.  

Your angle of vision is, in reality, an indicator of your state of mind generating positive or negative energy.  It is of colossal importance that you analyze your thinking pattern every now and then, for if you have not trained your brain to think on a certain and definite pattern, there is a good chance that your behaviour under different circumstances may not be what it should be.  Though, generally, it should not be the same as every situation has its own demands and effects, yet your responding behaviour and line of action does indicate your characteristics.

If a person usually takes solace in self-pity and pessimistic thoughts, he/she would always behave the same way while facing challenges either small or big.

On the contrary, a person who has developed the habit of thinking positively would always move ahead to tackle the challenges on the path of optimism.

A pessimist person’s angle of vision is microscopic.  He/she habitually looks at his challenges and difficulties through a magnifying glass.  This action makes him realize that he is not capable of handling the situation appropriately and authoritatively.

An optimist person’s angle of vision is telescopic.  He/she looks at the challenging affairs like an army commander from afar that does not force him to feel smaller or weaker than the situation.  And thus, he could better deal with the adversary, be it a personal internal challenge or a social external one.

So, the conclusion of the whole talk is that you should compel yourself to bring a forced tilt in your angle of vision resulting in a positive state of mind.

Try your best to possess a telescopic view of the challenging situations instead of a microscopic one.  This action thinking would change the whole of your character and behaviour in a positive way. 

(Note :   There are certain situations in life that require microscopic analysis, but such a minute, intense and responsible job needs to be done only by those who have strong nerves, positive thinking and responding attitude.)

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