Sunday, February 19, 2012


A Path To Inner Enrichment


What is hypnosis? Firstly, believe it or not, hypnosis is a natural part of the human being! It does NOT belong in the far reaches of imagination where wizards and ghouls live, it belongs in the here-and-now world of clear modern medicine and science. Hypnosis is actually the means by which the human mind can drift into a "trance-like" state, note I do not "into a trance", THIS IS NOT THE SAME. This state of mind is characterised by extreme suggestibility, a high level of mental and physical relaxation and greatly enhanced imagination and can be induced by another person or by you. So yes, you can hypnotise yourself.

You can quite easily learn to how to hypnotise your inner self, it is really not that difficult. Your aim should be to develop your skill to the point where it becomes a part of you, naturally. Self hypnosis begins with relaxation, a technique you will need to master in order to be properly effective in this art and you can begin by recalling relaxing pastimes or experiences you have had. You also focus individually on all of your senses, get them onto sharp reality like you normally would not do.

Then you go on to use hypnotic language patterns, a script and audio to bring your mind to that relaxed and heightened state. This does not mean that you fall into a zombie-like trance, you are still very much aware and in control at all times. At this stage you will discover that you are in a state where certain perceptions are like you have never had them before, this will be new voyage of self-discovery for you, you will begin to "see" things in your mind that were always there but you just did not know it.

If you wish to become really good at how to hypnotise your inner self, go further into this, dig deeper. You will find that there is a reservoir deep down inside you just waiting to be tapped into. There is a deep well that you never knew was there, by using hypnotic suggestion on your self along with other non-magical techniques you will get deeper and deeper into the relaxation and therapy of self-hypnosis. You will come to structure your own sessions, learn about conscious and unconscious responses. Posture and surroundings also play a crucial part, I don't think you will get very far sitting at a construction site for example. So you will learn where and how to go about the entire process so that your results are the best the can be.

Your conscious and unconscious minds respond differently to the same stimuli, so what works for one does not work for the other, this will seem odd to you at first, but as you get into it you will accept it without even noticing anymore. Learn how to hypnotise your inner self well, be diligent, and reap surprising rewards.

Thank-you for reading this far, as a husband and Dad I know how difficult self wellness can be and how quickly things can get out of hand. When it comes to healing a failing inner belief or estem or restoring a broken one you need some outside help. What you will find here will surprise you, what you discover is not a load of big-Daddy advice. Go to and you will find some interesting things that you never really thought of but will now make so much sense! You will wonder how you managed before. Oh, and collect the free extras that are laid on for you.

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