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The bitterest truth is we use eyes only to see what we want to see and not the things that invite us to see them because that requires a specific angle of vision and sometimes it makes us a bit uncomfortable while we tend to remain in the comfort zone.

We see things that we like and ignore the ones that disturb us somewhere deep in our subconsciousness. Aaaaaahhh ..... those disturbing things are actually inviting us to explore them minutely to find out something surprising, amazing and stunning behind the first layer of existence. That's exactly what creative thinkers do.

We all are blessed with the power of imagination and perception but how many of us realize that?

Think about it seriously, for you may someday hit upon something to proudly share with the world.

Of course, I'm not a teacher and you are not my pupils but I'm giving you an assignment like the one given by a teacher and students take it as a boring task while in reality it is intended to polish their hidden skills and talents, to activate their senses of perception and imagination.

You don't have to got anywhere. Just look around wherever you are, indoor or luckily outdoor. There are countless things that invite your attention with a little curious thinking. See the lines and curves and angles that everything offers. See the colours and shades, faded colours, worn out patches, surfaces and textures, shadows and reflections in water like a young child whose excitement finds no bounds when he/she looks at something for the very first time.

Deliberately act like a crawling baby who has just learned to stand up and walk. Have you ever keenly observed such a baby? You just can't imagine his/her excitement. The act of simply standing up freely in itself is the greatest adventure of a crawling baby.

Thank Lord Creator, I still love to experience the moments between crawling and standing up.

Saalik Siddikki
09:34 .... 04-04-2014

It just occurred, and directly typed on my Facebook timeline extempore, after an inbox message to my Facebook friend Atta Ur Rahman .... (Thank you dear, you stirred my lazy thoughts.)

Monday, January 27, 2014


Why a Blog Is a Good Investment

Unsure about starting a blog, you say? Let me see if I can convince you.
"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death."
-Albert Einstein
There are 24 hours in the day. Every hour you spend, you should be considering, "What is the return on that investment of time?"
I like to think that I have the day of an average man. My job right now is socially stimulating, somewhat tiring, and not necessarily intellectually challenging. I work for an hourly wage and tips. But at the end of the day, I don't have any ownership over the restaurant I work for, and I gain nothing but a slight fluctuation in tips if I give great service to my tables, or if I screw up and every single table. My motivation is to give good service so I don't get fired, in general.
If you are like most people, you probably are a worker bee like me who gets paid to make their company richer. The problem is, you get no return on your investment of time in the company.
Therefore, it's important to put some of your energy, at least 10 hours per week, into an endeavor that you have ownership over, and that brings you some kind of pleasure-a side project. Ideally, this project involves creation and production and allows you to see the fruits of your labor. In my case I love blogging and writing in general. Although I don't necessarily make much money from blogging, it is an activity that gives me a return on my investment by helping me develop intellectually. I get to write about whatever topic I am passionate about instead of some required, forced opinion piece about stuff I don't care less about, as students are taught to do in high school and college.
Do I develop intellectually when I am watching Seasons 1-3 of The New Girl on Netflix? Maybe, if I was a professional screenwriter or an actor. But I'm not. While pleasurable, an activity like watching TV does not give you a return on your most valuable asset of all: time. Aside from heavy reading, intellectual hobbies focus on production, not consumption.
Always consider how you are investing that most valuable asset, time. Some people might make fun of you and say that you are just playing around on your blog and you should get serious. This is likely because they are confused as to why you are not joining them to watch Big Bang Theory Reruns. If you are afraid of how people will react to your new hobby, there is no shame in making anonymous blog identity, especially when you are starting out. Heck, Mark Twain even used a pen name. Registering a domain name is easier and cheaper than ever and takes just a few minutes.
Once you find a community of peers who are developing alongside, you will experience a wonderful period of growth, definitely intellectual, and who knows, maybe even make some money or learn a new skill!
A blog is an intellectual investment, and like Einstein said (or at least alluded to), there is no price you can put on the development of your mind. You'll be using it from your youth up until you are 100 years old. Might as well start investing in it now.
Looking for more advice on where to start with your blog or websites? Check out these sites for more information and guidance.

SUCCESS - Your Ultimate Destiny

5 Success Secrets From a 102 Year Old Woman

By Twila Kaye

Looking back on my childhood, there is one relative that stands out the most - partly because she is still living and partly because she has never been "wealthy" and has always been successful. My grandmother turned 102 in October, 2013 and is still going strong today. That in itself is success. I recently sat down with her and asked her what her secret was. Her answer... "I just keep pluggin' along." Huh?

At first her answer caught me off-guard. I was looking for something more profound. And then it hit me, the secret of success IS "plugging along" - staying the course and never giving up. I am here to tell you that my grandmother, in all of her 102 years of life, has NEVER given up. She has outlived her husband, two of three children, all of her siblings, and of course her parents and grandparents. My husband tells her all the time, "Nan (that's what we call her), at the end of the world it will be you, cockroaches, and Cher." We all laugh but in actually, we believe it will be true.

So what are her secrets to living a long life of success, other than "pluggin' along?" I didn't have to dig too deep to find out. All it took was recalling her everyday rituals and words...

Live in the Moment. 

Ever since I can remember, my grandmother has lived every day in the present moment. She has never dwelled on the past nor has she looked too far into the future. She woke up every day and focused on what she had to do that day. We have all heard the famous saying "every moment is a gift; that is why it is called the present." My grandmother takes that to heart. She innately knows that if you focus too much on the past or too much on the future, you will miss the opportunities that are in front of you RIGHT NOW.

Set Goals That Matter to You. 

My grandmother was not a person who read self-help or how-to books. She reads western novels - her favorite authors are Louis L 'amour and Zane Grey. But instinctively she knows how to set goals that matter. Goals that matter to her, not to someone else. All my life she had the goal to live to be 100. When she attained that goal, she said she would live to be 105. Now, because she heard of someone who lived to be 113, she says she will live to be 115. And we know she will. The lesson: set goals that matter to you and you will always achieve them.

Mind over Matter. 

Every day my grandmother puts mind over matter without even thinking about it. When her knee swells with arthritis to the point that anyone half her age would stay in bed, she forces herself to get up and walk. Why? Not because she loves walking or enjoys the pain. Because she knows that if she doesn't put mind over matter, she won't walk. And if she doesn't walk, she certainly won't live to be 115. Putting mind over matter is one of the essential keys to overcoming any obstacle and achieving success.

Quit Your Belly Achin'. 

Excuse me? Quit my what? "That's right" she says, "quit your belly achin'." "So what that you don't feel good or you don't think you can. Quit your belly achin' about it and go on." If I had a penny for every time I heard that growing up, I would be wealthier than Oprah! In all my years I have never heard my grandmother complain or make excuses. Even when she is in excruciating pain or scared to death, she understands the power of not making excuses or complaining. She understands that choices are what get us where we are and there's no sense in crying over spilled milk.

Do It Anyway. 

This is classic, isn't it? DO IT ANYWAY. My grandmother is the master at doing it anyway. It doesn't matter if it's hard work or something she doesn't like to do, she does it anyway. At the age of 13, being the middle born of 11 kids, she was tasked with the job of taking care of all of her younger siblings and working the ranch. Her father had lost his arm in a sawmill accident and there wasn't a choice. Although it would mean getting up before anyone else, working long hours to help with the ranch and sawmill, and making sure she was the last one awake in order to get the young 'ins settled, she did it anyway. She knew what had to be done and she did it anyway.

When I look back at the things that kept me from achieving the success I desired, it was these five things. What are the five things that are keeping you from achieving the success you desire? Tweet me and let me know. My grandmother might have some good advice!

Twila Kaye is an author, speaker, and entrepreneurial coach. She teaches small business owners and solopreneurs how to take their businesses from drab to fab. Twila's courses, books, and programs will be available online February, 2014. Stay tuned for more information!

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Saturday, January 4, 2014


A Letter To My Younger Self – 

The Climb to Escape Depression

Dear Younger Me,
This letter will not be any easier for me to write than it will be for you to read. I know things aren’t easy. Actually, let’s be honest, things just outright suck right now. It’s not your fault that things suck, conditions are terrible after all.
But it is your fault that things aren’t getting better.
I’m not the type to flutter words around like a butterfly for the sake of padding my message. So, let’s be honest; you’re doing nothing, nothing at all to get out of the hole you are stuck in. You see this hole. You look up and the sky can be faintly seen at the end of what looks like a nearly endless climb. It looks impossible, but I promise, it’s not.
Right now you are in this hole. It’s a wet, soggy pit of darkness. The sadness and the anger are overwhelming and top it all off you’re alone. The thing is; you built this hole. You dug it for yourself; to protect yourself. Things were bad for years and seemingly the only escape was to hide. To isolate. To dig. And so you did; you dug, and dug, and dug, and dug. But now there is no easy way out.
In fact, you don’t even want to leave the hole. It’s been over a year now and you are getting used to the hole. It’s comfortable. You stop remembering life before the hole because that is what put you here in the first place. The good memories fade as well; you don’t need them in this hole. All you can focus on is how bad the situation is and how much you want to get out. But you are afraid to admit that you want to get out. Almost ashamed. The fear of leaving the hole; of the difficulties escaping will be, and the alien nature of the world beyond is stopping you from doing anything.
I tell you with point-blank honesty that if you stay in this hole you will not survive long.
I’ve taken a lot of questionable paths in my life. I’ve done a lot of questionable things; things that many people would take back. If I could take back my actions, would I? No, because ultimately these actions, however drastic and questionable, led me back from the darkness. I do not think that without taking the actions I did, I could be as alive and happy as I am today.
I dare you to prove me wrong.
If you do not start climbing you will never get out of this hole. Ironically, you bear a greater burden by staying in the hole than you would on the climb out, yet you stay in the hole for fear of the climb. Fear of recovery.
Listen, the world is unknown, it is unpredictable, and it is scary…but it is also wonderful. I will not waste words on the happy crap that I know you don’t want to hear and will not listen to. But I will say that you cannot truly judge something unless you look at it from the other point of view.
The other thing I have to say is that you don’t always have to climb. You can take breaks – dig horizontally. I can promise you that there are many people in holes all around you. They would love to not make this climb alone, and it will be far easier for you to climb if someone has your back.
As my parting words of wisdom I will say; don’t be idle. The world will continue moving no matter how long you shut it out for, and in the end it will be way too far ahead. Keep moving, stay strong, and don’t give up. We both know you’re a tough fellow; now is the time to prove it.



AUGUST 16, 2012
by Brendan Baker

Are you truly stretching yourself? Are you continually learning and developing as a person? Are you reaching new heights and realising your full potential? Hopefully you answered YES to the above! If not, then this post is for you!
'' If you do today what you have always done, then tomorrow you will get what you have always gotten ''
You are probably living in your comfort zone, as we all do. However, its realising when you are in your comfort zone and then taking action to step outside of your comfort zone that distinguishes between those individuals that continually learn, develop and stretch themselves, ultimately leading to a more successful and fulfilling life, compared to those that don’t.
What is Your Comfort Zone?
When you are in your comfort zone, you are in a mental state which is anxiety-neutral and your behaviours are normally free of any risk. You behave in a predictable way that will give you a level of performance that is standard for you. Because there is no risk in your behaviour, you have no anxiety and therefore you feel comfortable doing what it is you’re doing. When you are acting within your comfort zone, your learning and development opportunities are limited as you are likely to be doing something that you are already comfortable in doing.
Try this analogy. If you have a rubber band near you, go get it and open it up so you can start moving your fingers around inside of it. Here, there is no pressure and the movement is very easy. The rubber band is relaxed, similar to when you are acting within your comfort zone. But what happens when you stretch the rubber band? The rubber band tenses, the same as when you move out of your comfort zone. You start to experience fear, anxiety, or stress. The rubber band is elastic however, and over time can be expanded, stretched and less tense, similar to your comfort zone.
'' We will automatically choose a lesser form of anxiety over a greater form of anxiety ''
What Causes a Comfort Zone?
Comfort zones are a result of behaviours and experiences that an individual has over time. When you make a choice to step outside of your comfort zone and delve into a new experience, you will get either a positive or negative response. When your choice results in a positive experience, you will become more comfortable with making that choice in the future. If you experience a negative response, you will be able to evaluate your action and improve on this for when you delve outside of our comfort zone again. Your comfort zone is a result of your choices and behaviours over time resulting in positive experiences for you, making you feel very comfortable and relaxed in taking action that assists you in maintaining an anxiety-neutral state.
Your habits are a simple but good representation of your comfort zone. What is it that you do without even thinking about it that makes you feel neutral or relaxed? Perhaps its simply coming home after work and lounging in front of the television. Or maybe its as simple as your morning routine getting ready for work. These are habits that you don’t have to think about where you would be in a neutral state. What would happen if at night your car doesn’t start and you can’t get home. Or how do you feel you miss your alarm in the morning and also realise you’re out of milk for breakfast? You will experience a raised level of anxiety and be pushed out of our comfort zone, forced to make new decisions and test your actions. These are examples of moving out of your comfort zone in its simplest form. What if you were to jump on a plane and venture into a new country that spoke a different language for the first time ever? Perhaps approaching and talking with someone new? What about quitting your job and starting your own business? Depending on your prior experiences in doing these, they would raise a level of anxiety for you as you are venturing into unknown territory, fostering a higher level of consciousness where you are forced to stretch and grow your potential.
The fact of the matter is…
'' The magic happens when you move outside of your comfort zone ''

Stretching Your Comfort Zone
Stretching your comfort zone puts you in a place where you are learning, developing, growing and building experiences, skills and knowledge that can assist you in achieving your goals. As mentioned above, if you do today what you have always done, then tomorrow you will get what you have always gotten. Do you really want to stay where you are today without realising your full potential? The fact that you are reading this tells me that you are worth more, and that you are wanting to achieve greater things that you are today. Your goals are currently outside of your comfort zone. If they were inside your comfort zone, you would be achieving them right now or taking pretty easy steps to get there. Lets take a look at stretching your comfort zone.

Ultimately, you want to reach your goal, whatever that may be. Currently you are making choices and taking action within your comfort zone. You need to make the choice to step into the zone which stretches your potential and helps you grow. This is called the ‘Stretch Zone’ or ‘Growth Zone’. As you step into this zone your level of anxiety, fear or stress will increase as you venture into unknown territory, and this is a GREAT thing as it is signalling that you are challenging yourself and stretching your potential! What you need to be careful of is not stepping too far out of your comfort zone which will lead you into a ‘Panic Zone’. For example, if you were to thrust yourself into a situation of conducting an hour-long presentation to a large, important audience on a topic you had no idea of which was to be delivered in 30 minutes time from now, you would most likely start to enter your panic zone! What if this example was your end goal though? You can take steps to help you get there.
Firstly, you will take steps to move into your Growth Zone, and you do this simply by taking action and trying new experiences. This may be doing some research on your audience, doing some research on your topic, or talking with someone who will be attending. The important thing is that you have taken an initial step, potentially multiple steps, venturing in to an area you have not gone before. You are acquiring new knowledge and experiences, expanding your comfort zone.
Over time, as you gain new experiences, skills and knowledge, you will become more comfortable in performing in that area and making choices to be in that area and hence you have expanded your comfort zone. Perhaps you have practiced giving the presentation to your family or a close friend, or maybe it’s that you have learned the content to such depth that you are comfortable in answering any questions that may arise, or most likely a combination of many things that you have done. Your comfort zone will be expanded to a level where you will be able to reach that goal.
When do you reach your goal? You normally reach your goal when you are in your growth zone. As the goal itself is a new experience and outcome for you, you need to be in your growth zone to achieve it. Once your goal is attained, you will become more comfortable in that zone. Over time, you may become so comfortable and relaxed with that initial goal that it becomes effortless and you feel you need to stretch yourself again. Time to re-evaluate your goals and venture back into your growth zone!
Remember, if you are feeling anxiety, fear, stress, uncertainty or vulnerability, this is a GREATthing! Remind yourself that you are growing, developing, learning, challenging yourself and taking on new experiences, skills and knowledge! You are moving towards what it is that you are trying to achieve and you WILL get there if you continue to push yourself into your growth zone. Confidence, delight, happiness, fulfilment and success are all results of expanding into your growth zone.

Top 3 Tips for Staying Away From the Panic Zone

Throwing yourself too far into the deep-end will actually hinder your performance and discourage you from taking further action. It’s important to be conscious of which zone you are in, aiming to spend most of your time in your growth zone.
To help stay out of the panic zone, try these tips:
1) Get coaching or support
Having a coach or a support network can help encourage you in your growth zone and also warn you of when you may be close to entering the panic zone.

2) Go back into your comfort zone!
As simple as that! Take brief moments or small steps into your growth zone and balance that with time back in your comfort zone. This will help you from feeling overwhelmed and potentially discouraged.
3) Maintain awareness of your condition
Understanding yourself and monitoring your feelings and behaviours will help you determine when you are getting close to your panic zone.
A successful and fulfilling life is one in which you are spending a lot of your time in your growth zone, allowing for an ever-expanding comfort zone!
For the Comments
What tips or tecniques do you practice that help you expand your comfort zone? What’s holding you back that you feel that you can not expand out of your comfort zone? What realisations or successes have you had when you have managed to break through your comfort zone? Would love to hear in the comments below!
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