Monday, January 27, 2014


Why a Blog Is a Good Investment

Unsure about starting a blog, you say? Let me see if I can convince you.
"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death."
-Albert Einstein
There are 24 hours in the day. Every hour you spend, you should be considering, "What is the return on that investment of time?"
I like to think that I have the day of an average man. My job right now is socially stimulating, somewhat tiring, and not necessarily intellectually challenging. I work for an hourly wage and tips. But at the end of the day, I don't have any ownership over the restaurant I work for, and I gain nothing but a slight fluctuation in tips if I give great service to my tables, or if I screw up and every single table. My motivation is to give good service so I don't get fired, in general.
If you are like most people, you probably are a worker bee like me who gets paid to make their company richer. The problem is, you get no return on your investment of time in the company.
Therefore, it's important to put some of your energy, at least 10 hours per week, into an endeavor that you have ownership over, and that brings you some kind of pleasure-a side project. Ideally, this project involves creation and production and allows you to see the fruits of your labor. In my case I love blogging and writing in general. Although I don't necessarily make much money from blogging, it is an activity that gives me a return on my investment by helping me develop intellectually. I get to write about whatever topic I am passionate about instead of some required, forced opinion piece about stuff I don't care less about, as students are taught to do in high school and college.
Do I develop intellectually when I am watching Seasons 1-3 of The New Girl on Netflix? Maybe, if I was a professional screenwriter or an actor. But I'm not. While pleasurable, an activity like watching TV does not give you a return on your most valuable asset of all: time. Aside from heavy reading, intellectual hobbies focus on production, not consumption.
Always consider how you are investing that most valuable asset, time. Some people might make fun of you and say that you are just playing around on your blog and you should get serious. This is likely because they are confused as to why you are not joining them to watch Big Bang Theory Reruns. If you are afraid of how people will react to your new hobby, there is no shame in making anonymous blog identity, especially when you are starting out. Heck, Mark Twain even used a pen name. Registering a domain name is easier and cheaper than ever and takes just a few minutes.
Once you find a community of peers who are developing alongside, you will experience a wonderful period of growth, definitely intellectual, and who knows, maybe even make some money or learn a new skill!
A blog is an intellectual investment, and like Einstein said (or at least alluded to), there is no price you can put on the development of your mind. You'll be using it from your youth up until you are 100 years old. Might as well start investing in it now.
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