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SUCCESS - Your Ultimate Destiny

5 Success Secrets From a 102 Year Old Woman

By Twila Kaye

Looking back on my childhood, there is one relative that stands out the most - partly because she is still living and partly because she has never been "wealthy" and has always been successful. My grandmother turned 102 in October, 2013 and is still going strong today. That in itself is success. I recently sat down with her and asked her what her secret was. Her answer... "I just keep pluggin' along." Huh?

At first her answer caught me off-guard. I was looking for something more profound. And then it hit me, the secret of success IS "plugging along" - staying the course and never giving up. I am here to tell you that my grandmother, in all of her 102 years of life, has NEVER given up. She has outlived her husband, two of three children, all of her siblings, and of course her parents and grandparents. My husband tells her all the time, "Nan (that's what we call her), at the end of the world it will be you, cockroaches, and Cher." We all laugh but in actually, we believe it will be true.

So what are her secrets to living a long life of success, other than "pluggin' along?" I didn't have to dig too deep to find out. All it took was recalling her everyday rituals and words...

Live in the Moment. 

Ever since I can remember, my grandmother has lived every day in the present moment. She has never dwelled on the past nor has she looked too far into the future. She woke up every day and focused on what she had to do that day. We have all heard the famous saying "every moment is a gift; that is why it is called the present." My grandmother takes that to heart. She innately knows that if you focus too much on the past or too much on the future, you will miss the opportunities that are in front of you RIGHT NOW.

Set Goals That Matter to You. 

My grandmother was not a person who read self-help or how-to books. She reads western novels - her favorite authors are Louis L 'amour and Zane Grey. But instinctively she knows how to set goals that matter. Goals that matter to her, not to someone else. All my life she had the goal to live to be 100. When she attained that goal, she said she would live to be 105. Now, because she heard of someone who lived to be 113, she says she will live to be 115. And we know she will. The lesson: set goals that matter to you and you will always achieve them.

Mind over Matter. 

Every day my grandmother puts mind over matter without even thinking about it. When her knee swells with arthritis to the point that anyone half her age would stay in bed, she forces herself to get up and walk. Why? Not because she loves walking or enjoys the pain. Because she knows that if she doesn't put mind over matter, she won't walk. And if she doesn't walk, she certainly won't live to be 115. Putting mind over matter is one of the essential keys to overcoming any obstacle and achieving success.

Quit Your Belly Achin'. 

Excuse me? Quit my what? "That's right" she says, "quit your belly achin'." "So what that you don't feel good or you don't think you can. Quit your belly achin' about it and go on." If I had a penny for every time I heard that growing up, I would be wealthier than Oprah! In all my years I have never heard my grandmother complain or make excuses. Even when she is in excruciating pain or scared to death, she understands the power of not making excuses or complaining. She understands that choices are what get us where we are and there's no sense in crying over spilled milk.

Do It Anyway. 

This is classic, isn't it? DO IT ANYWAY. My grandmother is the master at doing it anyway. It doesn't matter if it's hard work or something she doesn't like to do, she does it anyway. At the age of 13, being the middle born of 11 kids, she was tasked with the job of taking care of all of her younger siblings and working the ranch. Her father had lost his arm in a sawmill accident and there wasn't a choice. Although it would mean getting up before anyone else, working long hours to help with the ranch and sawmill, and making sure she was the last one awake in order to get the young 'ins settled, she did it anyway. She knew what had to be done and she did it anyway.

When I look back at the things that kept me from achieving the success I desired, it was these five things. What are the five things that are keeping you from achieving the success you desire? Tweet me and let me know. My grandmother might have some good advice!

Twila Kaye is an author, speaker, and entrepreneurial coach. She teaches small business owners and solopreneurs how to take their businesses from drab to fab. Twila's courses, books, and programs will be available online February, 2014. Stay tuned for more information!

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