Friday, April 30, 2010

Power of Obduracy

Obduracy has various meanings as per my computer dictionary i.e. mulishness, stubbornness, inflexibility, obstinacy and pig-headedness etc.

None of the above words carries a positive sense of meaning.  However, there are certain situations that require you to be stubborn and obdurate for survival without which you can get stuck up in a cul-de-sac of uncertainty and complete disaster.

This is one aspect of the power of negative energy.  The moment we read or hear any of the above words, we feel being enwrapped with a gust of negative energy at least for a few moments.  Does it then imply that negative energy is only for destruction or devastation?  To me, it does not.

A strong positive thinker can divert negative energy into a positive force provided he understands the technique and possesses the ability of manipulating the demolishing force to his advantage by not yielding to the internal and external pressures.

What I did in the worst ever situation of my lifetime is that I acted as an obdurate positive thinker.  I was pitched in a battlefield wherein I had no hopes to get any reinforcement from any quarters including family, friends and acquaintances.  I was rather being treated as guilty through unspoken words, piercing stares and silent reprimand.

There was a dog’s chance of my survival with enormous quantity of negative energy in the ambiance around me both at home and outside.  I was being pushed, though unintentionally, to the brink of breaking apart physically, spiritually and intellectually. 

I did not feel comfortable among my own family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances. There always was something painfully itchy in the atmosphere.  And perhaps that bitter truth forced me into becoming an obdurate.  Yes, an obdurate but in positive sense. 

I talked to myself without speaking a word, for hours and hours on, arguing why I should not act as an obdurate in repelling the onslaught of negative attitude and behaviour by everyone out there.  I became inflexible in terms of not throwing my guard and kept punching at the face of my adversary, the most unfavourable situation in the prevailing scenario.

That situation had become a K2 for me which I could not imagine initially to climb without external help.  To my dismay and chagrin, no one was willing to play the role of a Sherpa for me.  Friends did sympathize with me whereas I needed renewed energy, guidance and direction to move on, not crutches of sympathy.

There were moments when I felt hard-pressed between internal and external pressures that ruthlessly left me breathless.  In fact, I virtually died many times a day and resurrected by sheer will power and obstinacy of positive thinking.  I was the weakest creature in the whole universe.  This will power and positive thinking was a great blessing of The Almighty for me. 

No human being can boast of possessing and attaining will power, determination, positive thinking or fighting spirit without God’s will.  These power tools or weapons are indeed the greatest blessings of The Greatest Creator Who does not want us to surrender to any pressures.  Such realization is also another blessing.

I consider myself fortunate that I realized the existence of all these power tools in my possession without a shadow of indication from any mentor.  However, I would like to acknowledge here that the blessing of positive thinking was transferred to me through certain channels like Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Remez Sesson and Brian Tracy.
I studied their articles and am grateful to them for providing tons of informative stuff on internet and all free of cost.

I wholeheartedly pray to God to protect you from diseases, losses, sadness, failures, broken relationships and mishaps.  Nevertheless, should you find yourself in a devastating and challenging situation, please pretend to be an obdurate positive thinker and do your level best to protect yourself from internal disintegration first.  That would be the beginning of your obdurate victory over the challenging situations.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Always Radiate Positive Energy

I consider human mind one of the most amazing creations of The Creator because it has been gifted with an incredible ability of creating unique things from nothingness.

It is an undeniable stigma that almost all the Muslim intellectuals, social reformers, thinkers, educationalists, philosophers and religious scholars have lamentably and shamelessly ignored the evolution of human mind and intelligence during the last 500 years or, to be more time-specific, since the awakening of Europe.

Even the rulers of oil-rich Arab states criminally ignored their responsibility of establishing research institutions parrallel to the prestigious Western schools and universities. They spend billions of dollars, collectively, to maintain their own luxurious lifestyle, but none of them posseses the wisdom of U.S. President George W. Bush senior (though he is not a role model for me by any criteria or understanding).

"During the 1990s U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush declared a decade of research to center on neuroscience. The resulting Decade of the Brain was well publicized inter-US agency initiative that responded to the declaration. The two lead federal agencies in that initiative were theLibrary of Congress and the National Institute of Mental Health (part of the larger National Institutes of Health. Although the initiative did not receive the level of funding as the Human Genome Project, it did serve to catalyze significant advances in our understanding of the brain particularly in the context of brain diseases. The Decade of the Brain project was followed in 2001 by a Decade of Behavior Project that also attempted to bring together scientists, this time to understand how human behavior emerges. (Wikipedia)

And now another research project is on the drawing board. At the dawning of the Decade of the Mind (2010 - 2020), possibilities and consequences for a better life in the future will be explored by a transdisciplinary group of scientists and policy makers. The meeting will be focussed on three topics: Education, Social Policy, and Health. It will be held in the heart of the European Union (EU).

Thank Lord some people have undertaken Mind Science as a profession and, beside raking huge monetary benefits, imparting some knowledge on mind and polishing the mental abilities of their clients who could afford to pay their charges. They opted to learn Reiki, Yoga, Mind Science and offer their expertise to those who are interested. So far so good but my question is why can't we have many people like Dr. Muiz, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Deepak Chopra in the whole Muslim world? Why can't we establish a research institution with the help of Arabian sheikhs on Mind Science.

We must be, at least I'm, grateful to the Western scholars who have not put any restrictions on their research work or kept it secret like Muslim scholars did about 700 years ago which was one of the reasons for their fall.

I'm not a degree / holder on Mind Science, Reiki, Self-Improvement, Personality Development, Positive Thinking. However, it is my passion to share, whatever I've studied, learnt and applied to myself, with people particularly Pakistani young men and women.

I would be gratified if Pakistani college students understand the importance of bringing change in their pattern of thinking which will ultimately lead them to their destiny of success.

My message to all visitors and readers of this blog is to " Please, please, please make Positive Thinking an identity of your character and personality and radiate Positive Energy under all curcumstances and conditions.

Allah bless you with more health, peace of mind

Friday, April 23, 2010

Attitude - Attitude - Attitude

Is it not quite common in every sphere of the world that our opinions and reactions constantly change about a thing, a person or a subject, with the passage of time, depending on our encounter with the same under different circumstances? And this is definitely one cogent reason for our changing attitude towards things, persons or subjects respectively. Even our own wavering states of mind play an obdurate role in developing misconceptions about things, persons and subjects.

We deem it normal to form an opinion about things, persons or subjects and keep assuring ourselves that we are on the right path of thinking.  Is it an indicator, then, that we all possess distorted minds that radiate nebulous thoughts? Perhaps not. Generally, nobody can nurture a single attitude towards anything, anybody or any subjects for the whole span of life.

If so, then why attitude has become a negative expression of feelings, emotions and thoughts? Why do we not take it as a part of normal behaviour of a person?  Even our own notion about other people’s ‘attitude’ is an attitude itself.  Then why we argue putting up so called cogent arguments to prove the authority and authenticity of our distorted thoughts? 

Will the sociologists, psychiatrists, educationists, intellectuals and writers take it as a cause to clarify such misunderstandings and misinterpretations and educate the masses about normal traits of human behaviour in our daily life? It would be a great service to humanity indeed!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

True Love - A Weapon of Mass Destruction

They never found a single weapon of mass destruction and they never would because it did not exist in the form of a gun, bomb or missile. The real weapon of mass destruction has been in existence since the creation of this world. Yes, true love is that weapon and it exists in abundance.

The word mass destruction should not distort your opinion about true love. First of all we have to determine just what true love is. Every intellectual, writer, sociologist and thinker has passionately and justifiably expressed his/her feelings, thoughts and understanding about true love.

In spite of all the popular definitions, there are still misconceptions about this pure emotion. Simply saying "I love you baby" or "I love you too honey" does not imply that two persons are glued to each other with true love. It is a common observation that people, looking for weekend partners also express their physical needs through these words.

Is true love a commodity, like anything else, to sell or buy on Amazon? No, it is not by any sense of any phrase. It is not simply a warm passion. It is, as Laala Gull says, "a continuous process of going through expressions, emotions, states of mind and behaviour, all focused on selfless caring and sharing everything inside out to make life a rejoicing experience".

It is solely the fire of true love that keeps you warm in the cold weather of sheer rigidity of the whole world, an obsession that always comes to rescue while you are stuck up in the stormy waters of depressive moments, a gust of cool breeze that refreshes your whole existence with the fragrance of the aura of your loved one.

So, how comes that true love is a weapon of mass destruction? In its absolute form it radiates the most effective and highly powerful waves of energy, encircling your sphere of existence, and repel devastating onslaught of all the negative forces. It acts like an invulnerable fortress to save you from internal disintegration or emotional collapse and prevents you from falling victim to external pressure.

It is a kind of madness, an insanity that obdurately resides within you forever after you first let it occupy your heart, mind and soul. It is never restricted to mere physical attraction, congeniality of thoughts and opinions, mutual understanding and similar likes or dislikes. It is an expression of spiritual chemistry, connecting two units of energy having the same types of molecules, atoms, neutrons, protons and photons.

It never pushes you to the point of repentance or regret. If it does, it is not true love. It is truly the hub of all of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, behaviour and character. It is your identification card in the crowd of hundreds of thousands of people around you.

And remember true love could not be confined to a relationship between a man and a woman only. The emotions and passion of true love may generate first from within the core of your spiritual self and seek to be expressed to someone later. It may also remain unexpressed for years and years on or even throughout life. To understand this reality requires deep thinking and meditation.

Change Your Life by Changing Angle of Vision

Guess what is the most influential factor that affects every single thing in the universe? No, no. It is not what you are thinking. Please pause here and ponder again.

The biggest factor which has a constant effect on everything is the phenomenon of CHANGE. You can bring an enormous change in your life by changing this process of change.

Yes my dear, CHANGE is occurring every moment of every minute of everyday. Everything in this universe, except the Creator, is moving forward on the path of CHANGE with every fractional bit of time. It is just that most of us do not perceive and realize it and those who do, affect this process of CHANGE using the might of their powerful thoughts and actions. They themselves become a compelling force to bring CHANGE in the lives of others.

Would you not like to be among those exceptional people? You may or may not be another Aristotle, Confucius, Socrates, Newton, Einstein, Edison, Muhammad Ali Jinnah or Bill Gates. But you can be purely YOU. The very first thing you need to bring CHANGE is to discover the true YOU who has unconsciously disappeared in the crowds of lost characters and fake cosmetic personalities.

Wake up now and find a way to escape from the detention of this FORCED EXISTENCE.

Steal a few moments of your time; find a peaceful place to sit down. Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths that will help you free your mind from wandering and disturbing thoughts. It is an interesting exercise to sow the invisible seeds of powerful positive thoughts in the fertile land of your mind which would ultimately grow into a huge and visible tree of a new personality and character of the real YOU.

Now imagine as if you are watching your present self from a distance. Let us call it P.S. for your convenience. Look at it thoroughly and analyze its personality traits and characteristics, its habits and activities, its achievements and failures till this moment. Be fair with yourself and ask this P.S. if it is satisfied with its present status as a free and an independent human being. There is a little chance that you get a reply in "yes".

This P.S. may not even look directly into your eyes because it feels unable to get rid of dependence on others, on circumstances, on fate. This P.S. is yearning for freedom but does not have the courage and will power to break the shackles of slavery to lethargy, procrastination and sluggishness. Would you like to let this slave enjoy the taste of freedom, achievement of goals and ultimate success?

Think again, it is an uphill task but not an impossible one. You just need to discover your own potential, abilities, talents and powers which are hidden somewhere deep in the real YOU. The Almighty Allah, God, Bhagwaan has created a universal mind to help you provided you seek this help sincerely and seriously. Have you not read the Koranic verse that says?

" Allah helps those who help themselves "

So, go ahead, all the divine forces are waiting for you to take a Big STEP that would lead you to your Destiny. This Big STEP, at the moment, is your willingness and an unwavering decision to prepare yourself for the CHANGE that may create a little discomfort initially but will ultimately take you closer to achieving your goals.

By the way have you set some goals to achieve? Short-Term Goals, Mid-Term Goals and Long-Term Goals? Write down your goals; devise a plan and go all out to achieve them. See yourself pitched in a battleground surrounded with forces that do not want to see you succeed. Create in your mind a do or die situation.

That is the way to change the process of change. Change always occurs following the pattern of one, two, three... nine and ten. There is always a sequence of happenings that ultimately bring change. You are to reverse this cycle. See yourself as victorious first instead of visualizing how you would fight to win the battle. It is a bit difficult to understand for some people but not an impossible endeavour.

To some it could be like wearing right shoe in left foot and vice versa. Try to experiment with this. It may make you a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but repeating it for a couple of times and remaining that way, rather moving around, would be surprisingly easy. This is what I call changing the process of change.

The more you control the process of change, the easier it would be for you to manipulate circumstances and opportunities at your own will. It simply requires a little tilt in your angle of vision and the whole scenario changes to an incredible extent.

Yes, changing the process of change needs to be initiated with a change in your angle of vision. Go ahead and enjoy the experiment, for you are not going to lose anything. Learning something new at no cost is not a bad bargain. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Art of Success - Learn from Ants

God has created and blessed every single person with some special qualities. It is a solemn binding on each and every person to dig deep into his/her inner self to discover the treasure of these qualities.

The mere difference between achievers and non-achievers is the urge to find out their potential talent, aptitude and abilities and to take full advantage of these tools to carve out a character, career and lifestyle.

Where do you prefer to see yourself - amongst non-achievers or failures? Your attitude about your own self is the basic criteria to judge your thinking pattern, characteristics, personality and ultimate destiny.

Tagging yourself with the label of a failure may get you stuck up in the cul-de-sac of negativity, pessimism, self pity, hopelessness and disastrous mental crash. You are not born to let yourself dragged, by the circumstances, to such ending.

I beseech you to please never ever fall victim to above state of mind. I have personally gone through the worst type of depression, hypertension and consecutive nervous breakdowns after losing everything in business due to my blind trust on a partner. Thus, I have better understanding of such feelings and am fully aware of their devastating effects.

Giving up is like raising a wall of hard rocks in your own way that leaves you with no option except banging your head with it. You have to keep reaffirming yourself that your life is not destined to break apart like that.

So, my friends, wake up from the lethargic slumber of self-pity, weary complacence and be your own mentor. Whether you have ever been a leader of even a small group or not, act like a leader and remember leaders do not disintegrate under any pressure.

Being a non-achiever does not imply, by any manner of means, that you can never succeed in life. Not achieving a goal is nothing more than a setback. Many great achievers and conquerors had had setbacks that did not prevent them from recollecting their energies and moving forward to achieve their definite targets sooner or later.

Redefine your goals, check your arsenal and see what is left of your armaments. Your weaponry comprises a strong belief in God, positive thinking, self confidence, determination to achieve success and an obsession to never surrender. Rearrange them, take a look at the battlefield, and review your mistakes and blunders. You might have ignored insignificant points that would have caused you heavy setbacks.

Should you still need inspiration, motivation and encouragement, go to a nearby garden. Crush a piece of sweet biscuit and spread it on the ground under a tree. You will see a tiny ant pulling and pushing a granule of the biscuit, may be more than twenty times its own size and weight, with utmost madness and obsession. Other ants may also join in the adventure a bit later, but the initiative is usually taken by a single ant that is determined to challenge its potential strength, courage, guts and grit.

Challenge your inner self, with a rock-hard conviction and fervor, like an ant and all the positive forces of the universe would be joining you and paving way for your success.

Four Big Steps to Conquering Depression

Depression is not itself a disease. It is normally characterized by feelings of loneliness, despair, sadness, low self-esteem and self-reproach. It is also tagged with vegetative states like loss of appetite and insomnia (in certain cases increased appetite and sleep) and withdrawal from social contact. If unattended for a long time, it could also lead to aggravated suicidal tendency.

Regardless of the type of depression manifested by various symptoms, a person suffering from this painful phase of agonizing torture can conquer it in four big steps without resorting to medication. These steps are the extract of personal fierce battle with depression.

First Big Step - Self Diagnosis

Personal and social affairs, in these hard times, are becoming more and more difficult to manage and anybody can fall victim to depression for loss of love or a loved one or job and business. It is primarily caused by a combination of factors, such as the person's genes, his biochemical environment, his personal experience and psychological factors.

Whatever the cause is, a self-conscious person can easily notice the initial symptoms before falling victim to depression. Realizing the looming danger and being ready to repel it is like building a fortress and strengthening self-defense before enemy's attack. Such awareness acts as a strong shield to fend off depression.

Second Big Step - Strong Positive Attitude

Having positive attitude is a long process of deep thinking, developing an attitude against self-will and maintaining it against all odds. Positive thinking is a divine blessing in disguise demanding high price from its possessor. However, it pays back in the worst and critical times.

Positive attitude is raised on the foundation of self-esteem, determination, realistic approach and a strong belief in one's positive convictions. It is a fire, which has to be kept burning even in the hailstorm of negative emotions and nerve shattering atmosphere.

A little obduracy in positive attitude is a must to fight back depression. The negative forces are often very strong and can devastate any person's integrity and deprive him of his sanity until they are dealt with the equal retaliation of obdurate positive thinking. A positive thinker should have a strong belief in the powerful effects of positive energy. Positive thinking, if appropriately applied, can devour depressing emotions and suicidal tendency like a vampire.

Third Big Step - Learn and Do Blogging

Is it ridiculous? May be. But it has proved to be a very strong weapon in my personal arsenal to protect me from the killing effects of depression. It took me almost six months to discover an overwhelmingly engaging activity that kept my personal integrity and sanity intact. Yes, after losing everything in business and having been abandoned by most of the friends, I fell prey to disheartening solitude that started nurturing suicidal thoughts.

I joined a social networking platform to express my feelings. However, at the same time I did not want the world to know my weaknesses. So, nobody could gauge the fragility of my state of mind. I posted brief notes to let others know of inner volcanic eruptions and the soul damaging phase I was going through. Nobody bothered to understand the pangs of pain behind my words. And quite contrary to usual perception I took it as my victory.

Then I happened to visit a blog and I learned to create and operate one of my own. I created about ten without making any single one my sole identity. Heavy loans, joblessness, solitude, total failure and a deep feeling of guilt that I had lost everything because of my blind trust on a rascal was dragging me towards suicide.

I tried to keep myself engaged in photography, writing poetry, attending literary circles, spending hours and hours in the company of people who took me as a role model but could not contribute anything in saving me from the worst depressive feelings. Nothing worked really.

My condition was so severe that I came close to having a nervous breakdown three times and a heart attack four times during three months of time. Yet I did not consult a doctor because I had been claiming to be a positive thinker. I did not want to fail in proving the truth of my conviction and belief in positive thinking.

I kept blogging for about six months spending time in irregular updating and creating more blogs without a particular focus on any single one. But this practice kept me deeply engaged. I discovered many interesting blogs created by people suffering from serious diseases and still enjoying life.

So, I can proudly and authentically say that blogging also has its due share in saving my sanity and integrity. The outcome is quite gratifying. I am going to launch my own website very soon.

Fourth Big Step - Have a Strong Belief That God is On Your Side

It was perhaps the fruit of cultivating strong positive thinking that in the worst moments of depression and hypertension God kept a window of hope and light open to me. I got stuck up in the darkest cul-de-sac of circumstances. There was no apparent way out for me.

One thing that I am grateful to God for is the realization of His presence around me even when I felt my faith in Him weakened by the negative emotions, pessimistic thoughts and suicidal tendency.

A person expecting depression must not let the circumstances make any cracks in his faith and trust in God's presence around you. He wants us to dive deep in our inner selves and discover our true strengths and powers with which we can defeat any negative forces of the universe.

With these four Big Steps, any person can conquer not only depression or hyper-tension but also any serious disease, failure, loss and suicidal thoughts. Just keep standing firm to win the fierce inner battle even if you lose on all frontiers. These four Big Steps will not let drown in the quagmire of uncertainity and insanity.

Stand up, move forward to fulfill God's will and find the real you who is going to be a winner at the end of the day!

Success Through 25 Simple Habits

Time never pauses to let us realize its pace and then it catches us at the age of 50, 60 or even 70 saying, "I feel I could not do what I wanted to, I could not achieve what I dreamed of." We repent our mistakes instead of not doing what could have changed our fate beyond imagination.
All actions that we fail to take in our late teen and post teen years laugh at us in later years because we could not perceive, at that time, how they can impact our lives in the coming years. Had we been able to recognize potential outcome of our supposed actions, we could change the tracks and directions of our future.

Remember, success is a process, a journey and not a destiny itself. Failures and achievements are just like milestones. Developing certain habits in early young age could help the youth cultivate a better future regardless of what practical field or profession they choose.

Here is a list of things, just occurred to my mind, that I would like today's youth, particularly the teenagers, to take into consideration for hammering their future, on the anvil of their actions, into satisfactory achievements and success.

1. Be a positive thinker under all circumstances 

2. Write down your goals whatever they are 

3. Learn blogging even if you dislike it and create a simple blog for personal musings 

4. Learn and practice creative visualization and meditation 

5. Regularly participate in a healthy activity of your interest 

6. Learn what is brainstorming and practice it to find solutions 

7. Never ever try to be an "A" type personality, rather be a "B" type personality 

8. Cultivate lasting friendships instead of flirting around 

9. Never humiliate a person for any reason at all 

10. Commit yourself to learn at least 5 new words of English and use them in your writing daily 

11. Start studying the subjects of your future profession at an early age 

12. Regardless of your sleeping time, force yourself into early rising 

13. Take care of your diet and food intake and watch your weight on a regular basis 

14. Never ever think about smoking or drinking 

15. Learn the technique of deep breathing and practice it regularly 

16. Drink a glass of water after every hour whether you feel thirsty or not 

17. Keep yourself informed of latest scientific and technology developments 

18. Practice action-thinking and monetary-thinking 

19. Spend less time watching television or surfing the internet just for killing time 

20. Learn to spend time rather than killing 

21. Learn to respond instead of reacting to situations especially volatile ones 

22. Never ever violate any rules and regulations and traffic rules in particular 

23. Make it a habit to pause for 5-10 seconds before responding or taking an action 

24. Learn how to say "NO" when saying "YES" could harm your relationship in any terms 

25. Respect other people's opinion and learn to communicate instead of arguing

The list could go on and on depending upon what are your preferences in life. You can add up what you deem appropriate for your own benefit. However, these are the things which are essential for every educated young man or woman to carve out an impressive personality and successful character.

You must agree that each of the above actions is like a building block definitely necessary for constructing the skyscraper of your bright future. You can download a lot of information on any subject from internet that is a fathomless ocean of information. Make your net-surfing subject-oriented. You can ignore as many of these practical tips as you like but there should be a cogent reason for that.

Depression Or Hypertension? Get Rid of it Through Blogging!

It is said that the first ever web-log, now called blog, was created by some James Monro who was a traveler from Cambridge. He died when his trailer crashed in to a car but luckily, his blog was already posted on the internet. As of December 2007, a blog search engine was tracking more than 112,000,000 blogs. How many more have been added till to date is not confirmed.

The question 'why to blog' should be replaced now with 'why not to blog'. There could be innumerable reasons for blogging from fun blogging to money blogging. However, I would advise people fallen victim to hypertension and depression to learn and do blogging not for any of the above reasons but to change your state of mind from passive to active. I call it action thinking.

It is only you who can bring the train of your normal life back to tracks faster than anybody else could do it for you. Be the master of your own fate. Break the shackles of compulsions, self-pity and feeling deprived. You must not discontinue your medication and do not quit consulting with your doctor until or unless you are an obdurate positive thinker like me.

You may be facing the problem of where and how to spend time. I tell you what to do. Since I have also been through the darkest phase of hypertension and extreme level of depression, I know how difficult it is to avoid inner disintegration and retain one's sanity.

According to recent studies, antidepressant drugs offer little benefits to the patients of milder depression and if taken for longer periods, in case of severe depression, they cause some negative effects too. Psychotherapy has its role in curing depression but it also takes quite a time to achieve positive results.

This gap is to be filled with some constructive activity that could keep the patient engaged for longer hours and thus lengthen the duration of blank spaces between continuous occurrences of nerve-damaging negative thoughts. These spaces have to be filled up with the revival of positive thinking.

To achieve this revival earlier than other methods, go ahead and create a blog on a free blogging platform. Some offer easy-to-follow instructions. Should you still face any difficulty, please take a tour or watch their video or seek help from your family or friends. Even eleven year olds are successfully blogging these days. To a person with a little passive state of mind at the moment, I suggest without any bias to create a blog on blogger dot com for a particular reason that I shall tell you later in the article.

So, you have created a blog and chosen a unique identity of your own, you must think about your favourite subject. It is better if your URL indicates your subject of interest. It could be anything to keep you engaged for hours and hours on. All done, now write the first post. Not necessarily a lengthy one. Rather a short one, say about one to two hundred words, would be enough at this stage. Click the 'Publish post' and hit 'View blog'. Here is your blog for public view. You can make any changes in the format or template later. Here you have to click 'Next blog' at the top middle of your blog.

Their server has randomly selected someone else's blog almost with a similar subject of your blog. Just stay here for a few moments and see if there is anything of your interest. If yes, add it to your favorites or again click 'Next blog'. Keep doing so till you are exhausted. This is the pearl that I discovered out of my curiosity and it opened hundred new doors of wisdom, intellect, knowledge and discoveries to me.

You will be exploring a new world full of sorrow, sufferings, despair, diseases, challenges (some may be more painful and agonizing than yours), excitement, love, happiness, struggle, success and achievements. You will be surprised to see how people around the globe are fighting to win their inner battles and saving their personal integrity. There is no better way to know about people than by this clicking 'Next blog' exercise.

Keeping in view the number of active blogs, only sky is the limit to quench the thirst of your curiosity. It is up to your discretion to merely peruse very personal stories of other people or interact with them by sharing your own. You may not interact with all but you will certainly have feelings of a strong bonding between you and most of them.

I personally did it for weeks and months and now, back on my tracks without any medical treatment or psychiatric consultation, I have chosen blogging, article writing and internet marketing as my future career. The Almighty God has helped me get out of the cul-de-sac of depression, hypertension, desperation, pessimism, failure and feelings of any guilt.

Rest assured that you too or anyone else can also achieve this and force your hypertension or depression to seek solace somewhere else never to intrude your very private inner zone again.

3 Major Reasons For Maintaining Self Esteem

Every single existence in the world is identified by its value. Just imagine anything and its worth appears in your mind before you see or have it. Likewise, you as a human being are weighed in the scale of your self-esteem. Your self-esteem is in fact a kind of manifestation of the image you visualize in the mirror of your concept of self-understanding. Do you seriously care about how people take you? Does it really matter about what frame people tend to fit you in? If your answer is yes, you are on the right track. If you say "no", then you certainly have three basic reasons to realize the importance of self-esteem and you have got to do something to maintain it.

1st Reason - Do not Deny Your Own Worth

Denying your own worth means you disavow the value of others. You cannot buy something worth one hundred dollars against a piece of paper, which bears no value. Neither can you sell something of zero value against a hundred dollar bill.

A true realization of your own prestige and self-esteem gives you the right to receive respect and honour of the same value that you feel is yours. Similarly, a strong manifestation of self-esteem justifies your value to others for what they expect in return.

2nd Reason - Self-Esteem Boosts Self-Confidence

The energy radiating from the furnace of self-esteem is very powerful. It fuels your self-confidence that in turn drives you forward in the society and towards your destiny of a successful life.

Self-esteem boosts up your momentum on the track of achieving your goals. It tags you with a certain worth in the eyes of others and their behaviour depends on their understanding and realization of your self-esteem. The more you demonstrate it the higher your price is set in the bazaar social standing and personal relationships.

3rd Reason - You Are Bound to Acknowledge God's Blessings

Realization of self-esteem is a great blessing of The Greatest Creator. Denying it implies non-acceptance of further divine blessings in life, which no human being can afford. You cannot wage a war against God and escape without paying the price.

Denying self-esteem makes you unworthy of any value. It is just like negating your existence. Even the smallest particle of an atom has some value that makes it worth significance. Magnify your worth through your self-esteem.

4 Top Reasons of Failure to Avoid

Millions of people make plans to achieve certain targets everyday. How many achieve their goals is definitely unknown but it is normally observed that not all succeed in accomplishing tasks they set for themselves.

Let us find out the reasons of failure and avoid them in the future.

Top Reason 1 - Setting Hypothetical Goals

Many people are impressed by the achievements of others and unconsciously start taking their place through passive visualization. An inner voice keeps telling them that they can also rise to the occasion and gain wealth, fame or popularity like those achievers. There is nothing wrong in thinking like this. Inspiration is imperative to succeed in any field in life.

However, the real problem occurs when they choose other people's goals as their own without properly calculating the pros and cons. Their focus is on the target itself and not on the modus operandi to reach there destiny.

Point: Goals should always be set fairly with a realistic approach.

Top Reason 2 - Missing Essential Tools

Flying a plane without having RADAR is like rowing a boat without a pair of OARS. Conceiving a fantastic idea or setting a very high goal is one thing, having the qualification, skills and ability to convert that idea into reality or achieving the goal is another.

People who fail in achieving their targets also fall short of considering their resources prior to taking the initial step and go astray in the middle of the track.

Point: Check your toolbox before crafting your goals into reality.

Top Reason 3 - Lack of Obsession

Obsession is like boiling lava under the volcano of passions composed of ambition, enthusiasm, zeal and fervor. It is, in fact, the most powerful driving force behind all the successes and achievements. Unyielding will power and obsession are the weapons that could help you win battle against all odds. Lack of obsession is another top reason of failure.

Point: Your chances of failure increases manifold in absence of obsession.

Top Reason 4 - Wavering Belief in Self-Potential

Being unsure of self-potential can create doubts in your mind and ultimately weaken the foundation of your self-confidence. It is like losing one of your basic weapons in fighting against the negative forces. There is always an overwhelming pressure from negative forces, both internal and external alike.

Point: A strong belief in your potential abilities pushes you closer to success.

How to Succeed - Take Three Big Steps to Your Destiny

Success is a process of applying certain actions to accomplish clearly defined goals. It is a journey marked with challenges, crossing milestones and constantly moving forward. Success itself is not a destiny. Achievement of goals open up new doors to new horizons to be explored and the process continues.

Even a genius cannot clearly define his final destiny in terms of setting and achieving goals. People who are blessed with a thinking mind keep creating new challenges to test their will power, determination, persistence, guts and courage. It runs in their veins like hot blood. They are born with the habit of deep thinking, striving hard to overcome challenges and achieving success.

Does it mean, then, that others cannot achieve success in life? Of course not. As I said success is a process, anybody who has a vision, clearly defined goals and determination can achieve success by inculcating certain actions and habits. Here are three primary and colossal steps towards achieving success in any field of life. These primary steps are reinforced with further additional small steps.

You do not have to be a genius to take these big steps towards achieving your goals. Before further reading the article, please do a little exercise that would definitely energize your heart and mind.

Just find a peaceful place, sit down in a relaxed posture, close your eyes, do some deep breathing, empty your mind of any disturbing thoughts, focus your whole self on a single point of inhaling positive energy through a divine stream and exhale all the negative energy. This is the beginning of your journey towards success. Making it a habit and routine at the start of every day will change the pattern of your thinking and behaviour to reap a huge crop of success.

Now peruse and understand the significance of these three big steps and plan your very personal journey towards your destiny.

1st Big Step - Goals (Pursuit - Journey)

The very first big step towards your destiny is defining your goals clearly. It is a common practice of most of the successful people to write down their goals. The waves of energy emitting from written words keep charging the batteries of your sub-conscious mind and remind you that you have some commitments, with yourself indeed, to fulfill.

By writing down your goals on a paper, you create four types of actions on the slate of your sub-conscious mind:

1. Your mind's general memory records your goals.

2. Your eyes transfer the images of words to create a reminder in a specific portion of your mind.

3. Your hands memorize the words i.e. your goals. 

4. By speaking the words that you write, you also convey a special message to your listening memory.

So, writing your goals is not simply an action of putting the words on a paper. It is, in fact, a process that ultimately reminds and helps you to stand up and move ahead in pursuit of your destiny. An experiment in Yale School of Law proved this truth decades ago.

Remember that every journey always starts with a goal (a destiny in mind). Otherwise it is nothing more than a purposeless wandering in the jungle of oblivion.

2nd Big Step - Motivation (Fire - Obsession)

The initiation of a journey is a positive sign that indicates your determination to achieve your goals but it does not guarantee that you would reach your destiny. You also need fuel and energy to help you continue moving ahead. This energy comes from motivation (or inspiration). Motivation acts like a fire to keep the engine running and further to keep the vehicle of your ambitious drive moving.

People obsessed with their ideas, targets and goals always seek and find motivation through different means e.g. reading biographies of successful people, watching and following them and deep thinking.

They analyze their actions without giving themselves any grace marks or overlooking their mistakes.

3rd Big Step - Action (Challenge - Determination)

Choosing goals and starting a pursuit cannot be marked with success until and unless the most powerful and dominant force of persistent actions is not applied in the process. Actions are encountered with new challenges and challenges could not be tackled without stubborn determination.

Determination is an expression of strength of mind, will power, fortitude, resilience, guts and grit of a person. Actions fully supported with determination are weapons of destruction. Yes, they devastate all the internal and external negative forces trying to hinder your journey towards destiny.

Achievement of goals is not possible without these three big steps which are also the pillars of the mega structure of your success in any field of life.

5 Differences Between a Dream and a Goal

Dreams and goals are generally considered the same in meanings. In reality, they are not. Promote the status of your dreams to goals. Here is the justifiable answer to why you should do that. There are five basic differences between a dream and a goal as follows:

1. A dream is never tagged with any time limit.

You can wait for the rest of your life to see a dream become reality. Dreams, in plain words, are a manifestation of your desires buried deep under the surface of wishful thinking. Every goal is time oriented.

There are time limits to achieve a goal whether individual or collective, financial or academic. Besides tackling other challenges you also have to overcome the nerve-shattering pressure of breaking certain barriers.

2. If you have a dream, you just relax in a comfort zone and wait to see your dream come true some day, by a stroke of luck.

A dream does not instigate much action thinking. Whereas you do not wait for that some day to achieve a goal. You devise a strategy, a plan as to how to accomplish the specific task within given time without waiting for the lady luck to knock at your door.

3. A dream makes you a passive thinker.

Dream itself is the product of inactive thinking. Your conscious mind has no active role in creating a dream. Your goal turns you into an action thinker. It makes you a triathlon athlete. It keeps you hanging on tenterhooks, restless, twitchy and edgy by kindling a constant fire insatiable hunger within you.

4. A dream is whipped with the cream of hypothetical hopes and expectations.

It is like a low-level stream of cool water silently running down the slopes of tranquility pacifying your emotions and enthusiasm. Whereas a goal fuels your passions, obsession and conviction. It has thundering and lightening effect on your thinking and actions. You do not sit idle until and unless the mountain of challenges and difficulties is not scaled.

5. More dreams emanate from a dream and thus expand the circle of inactivity.

Dreams lead you to a habit of fantasizing inertly. They make you a bit lethargic and procrastinator. Goals circulate in your blood like lava and forces you to explode into action like a volcano. They emit positive and violent energy keeping the level of your blood pressure a little higher than normal.