Thursday, June 10, 2010

Images in Your Mind For Genius Thinking

According to research, many of us are not really using much of the genius that is within us. Our minds are proven to be very capable of learning and retaining so much information than we usually expect of ourselves. It may not seem it, but genius is within your grasp.

How? There are many ways. One way is using the images in your head. Many geniuses have discovered so much simply because they paid attention to their thoughts. If you do the same, maybe you can increase your confidence. You can recognize the chances that await you in life. You can accelerate your learning and solve most problems.

Your mind is a gift. It keeps a lot of messages for you to access. The problem is you may not be aware about the manner of accessing these messages. Well, it is quite about conditioning-mental conditioning. It is true that there is a genetic aspect to being a genius-there is proof that it is passed hereditarily from one generation to the next. However, it is also true that you can condition your mind to think like a genius, and indeed to be one.

Your mind has a treasure of images-flashes so to speak that come and go. This is one key to genius. Pay attention to these images. Okay, you can try a little meditation like exercise. Be in a quiet place. Wear loose clothing and be in a loose position. Relax and focus your mind on a certain problem that you are trying to solve. If this is your first time doing this, try to choose a relatively simple problem.

As you do so, keep on focusing, and start to pay attention to flashes that suddenly come to your mind. What are these flashes, these images and these thoughts? They are creative insights hidden in "code". So your mind is actually framing a solution for the problem. The problem now then would be how to decipher the code. Well, it may take quite more practice. But continually paying attention to these images and what they mean for you can enlighten you in problem solving.

This is the key to genius thinking. Start with brainstorming with someone you trust and who is intellectually competent. Go over your "thinking patterns" and never ignore your mind. By doing this, you can begin to enlighten yourself with wonderfully fresh and creatively new genius thinking.

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