Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to deal with bullies?

Four Practical tips to deal with difficult colleagues.

Do you have to deal with the special species of colleagues around you who are bent upon spoiling working ambiance even without any provocation? 

They are everywhere like parasites, particularly in small organizations and every organization cannot afford to get rid of them for one reason or the other.  It could be their quality of work, relationship with any of the high-ups or the benefits the employers enjoy through them.

The price of their nasty bullying is always paid by their colleagues.  Are you stuck up in such an undesired cul-de-sac of situation with no immediate way out?  Here are four practical tips to save your neck from any mishap that could cost you the job or land you in hot waters:

  1. Make your worth felt 
You may already be doing your level best to achieve the set goals and doing utmost justice to your job.  Yet, the top most action that you can take to save your face, your job and your self-esteem is to do more than your current performance. 

Demonstrate to your colleagues, your seniors and your employers that you are no less in worth, to the organization, than anybody else. 

  1. Never lose your self-esteem 
Whatever reaction you get from the bullies, always hold your head high with self-esteem that is the strongest power you possess in dealing with negative forces under any circumstances.

Everybody is valued in the scale of his/her self-esteem.  Even those who are jealous of you, for any reason, hold you in high regards for your self-esteem whether they let you realize it or not.

  1. Be cooperative, not subservient 
The best strategy to survive and to achieve set goals is to do your best in creating a congenial ambiance in your working place.  Thus, your proffer of cooperation should be apparent so that your colleagues could feel up to asking for it without any obligation.

Make the difficult colleagues realize that you are willing to cooperate and help them in achieving their targets sorting out whatsoever problems they have, but simply as a colleague, not as a subservient and weak person.

  1. Respect them as human beings 
Since every human being deserves to be respected, you had better express your feelings, even to these difficult colleagues, through your communication, body gestures and actions.

Initially, they may take it as their victory to fuel their arrogance but, with the passage of time, they would certainly understand your character and positive attitude.

Confrontation, in these situations or any other similar like these, is never a solution.  Rather you had better understand their inner compulsions, psychological factors and human nature.

I personally had to deal with such bullies during my job/stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1984-1987.  Thank Lord, I succeeded, through the above tactics, in transforming those difficult colleagues into friends who were crying like children when I left the Kingdom.  Why can you not do it?

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