Friday, April 4, 2014


The bitterest truth is we use eyes only to see what we want to see and not the things that invite us to see them because that requires a specific angle of vision and sometimes it makes us a bit uncomfortable while we tend to remain in the comfort zone.

We see things that we like and ignore the ones that disturb us somewhere deep in our subconsciousness. Aaaaaahhh ..... those disturbing things are actually inviting us to explore them minutely to find out something surprising, amazing and stunning behind the first layer of existence. That's exactly what creative thinkers do.

We all are blessed with the power of imagination and perception but how many of us realize that?

Think about it seriously, for you may someday hit upon something to proudly share with the world.

Of course, I'm not a teacher and you are not my pupils but I'm giving you an assignment like the one given by a teacher and students take it as a boring task while in reality it is intended to polish their hidden skills and talents, to activate their senses of perception and imagination.

You don't have to got anywhere. Just look around wherever you are, indoor or luckily outdoor. There are countless things that invite your attention with a little curious thinking. See the lines and curves and angles that everything offers. See the colours and shades, faded colours, worn out patches, surfaces and textures, shadows and reflections in water like a young child whose excitement finds no bounds when he/she looks at something for the very first time.

Deliberately act like a crawling baby who has just learned to stand up and walk. Have you ever keenly observed such a baby? You just can't imagine his/her excitement. The act of simply standing up freely in itself is the greatest adventure of a crawling baby.

Thank Lord Creator, I still love to experience the moments between crawling and standing up.

Saalik Siddikki
09:34 .... 04-04-2014

It just occurred, and directly typed on my Facebook timeline extempore, after an inbox message to my Facebook friend Atta Ur Rahman .... (Thank you dear, you stirred my lazy thoughts.)

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