Concept of Think SUCCEEDED

What is your quick reaction to a friend's offer of going to McDonald's for lunch?  Your mind, the most amazing creation by The Greatest Creator,  visualizes your favourite burger, hot French fries and a glass of chilled cold drink,  in a fraction of a moment.  Isn't so?  This is our brain's normal pattern of working.  It eliminates all the in-between steps and takes you directly to the other end of the line.

It happens simply because we know what a McDonald's burger is.  How it looks, what it is made of and how it tastes.  The point is can you not follow the same pattern in achieving any goal?  Yes, you certainly can provided your imagination is stronger than normal.  It should rather be very strong.  You must be able to visualize your achieved goal as a reality so that your mind could eliminate all the hurdles and push you closer to your destiny.

It is called creative visualization.  You need to practice it a lot through meditation, self talk and deep thinking.  It is a proven fact now that every single thought is a unit of energy and being immortal this energy keeps circulating in the whole universe.  There are better chances that the energy emitting from your brain finds similar energy and thus becoming a further strengthened unified unit.  

Now look at things the other way.  If you keep your thoughts focused on the achieved goal, your endeavor and struggle would definitely enhance manifold and will certainly take you closer to your achieved targets much faster.  The whole process demands a forced change in your angle of vision.  Almost all the champion athletes of sports apply creative visualization to achieve their set goals.  They practice to keep their attention focused not  simply on the goal but to achieved goal.  

It is not a philosophy, but practiced and accepted reality.  Ask any champion about it and he / she would tell you the same story, for they have learnt the formula from their gurus and mentors.  So, next time when you set a goal, do your best to keep visualizing it as achieved, not to be achieved.  You would certainly find yourself in a better state of mind.  A strong push from deep inside would be driving you towards your achieved goal.

Bon voyage to your destiny!